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    I've read a lot about the turbo battery drain problem on GPRS-enabled Treo 180/270.
    It seems mine has it as well. Under unknown circumstances (probably when reception is poor?), I find my Treo with battery level near zero or even worse, it is switched off and won't come back unless I connect it to its charger.

    If this happens with GPRS only, is there any way to disable GPRS even if the network provides it and has it enabled for me?

    I'm not afraid of fiddling with the *Carrier*.PDB files, but it would be nice if anyone could report if (and how) he tried something similar and succeeded or failed.

    The Treo in question is a 180g, with GPRS Update 1.1.2 installed, and german E-Plus as the service provider.

    I could live without GPRS. It works only casually for me anyway, sometimes the Treo just hung until reset when I tried to use Blazer.

    Thanks in advance for any comment!
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    Your Treo should not drain that fast when connected with GPRS.

    Can you check your load by putting your stylus on the top part of your screen (near the date/time icon) while holding down on the up scroll button? Your load should be about 1000-1200 mw. The lower the better when connected to GPRS. How is load like without GPRS connected?

    How long is your battery life when simply using the phone to make calls?
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    > Your load should be about 1000-1200 mw.

    Whenever I looked at it that way, the load appeared to be normal, just as you described.

    The "turbo" drain always appeared "suddenly".

    Tech support suggested to do a hard reset and then watch the battery life without any additional applications or specific configuration loaded.

    I'm now operating my Treo "virgin" like that, and didn't experience the "turbo" drain yet again.

    I'll begin to add (resp. restore) my applications soon, watching the effects.

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