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    OK so I haven't use this in awhile but I have to travel next week so I thought i would mess with it a bit today to make sure it still works. Well it's back to the old problem of not getting the email pushed to the phone when I get a new email on my computer. I'm not even getting the alert that I have a new email. Anyone else having these issues?

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    when I get new email, it overwrites the existing files. How did this software ever get released?
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    hall316 - Out of curiousity did you update to the latest Treo 1.10 ROM (ausuming you have a 600) that was released recently? Also you mentioned alerts for new email... I assume you have this set in the alerts section on the Web interface?

    ramurphyjr - What do you mean when you say it overwrites files? Since BC receives / sends email or accesses documents on the desktop I'm can't figure out what an overwrite would mean.
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    Someone please answer....

    I need an alternative to Sprint's Business Connection (BC) that enables access to my office PC files. I currently use Basejet to access my Lotus Notes mail, however it doesn't provide access to a folder and its associated desktop files as BC does.

    I use Mobilefile for my home's PC files, but it I can't use it for my corporate solution.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative for PC file access through a corporate network?
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    Possibly Win-Hand. I've been using it for the last week or so and find it to be pretty decent.
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    Ndugu - Just curious... what is it that you need that BC does not provide that is causing you to look for an alternative?
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    MobileGhost et al,

    Finally, thank you for replying!

    Although my colleagues use BC, they constantly complain about instability issues that I never have, and as has been noted at this site, I've received Lotus Notes messages where the entire message appears on a single line.

    I also don't want to pay an additional $5/month when my single payment for Basejet is less (almost 1/2 the costs).

    I'll have to check out Win-Hand and again thanks for replying!
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    Does anyone know how to set up BC if you have to put in proxy settings and the like?
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    It should automatically sense the proxy setting used in IE.
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    Every time I try to get it to connect it asks me for the domain, username and password. I am not sure what those are. I have a lot of user names and passwords for this computer. Is there a way to look it up?
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    That is for your proxy. Contact your computer person to get it.

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