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    I've had it with ATT. Just can't handle the ridiculous data plans and abusive customer service.

    I've supposedly unlocked my phone by installing the files in but don't know how to verify it.

    Has anyone had a successful switch over from ATT to T-Mobile ?

    What kind of plan were you able to get ? I just called them and the best they could do was $19.99 for unlimited data and $39.99 for 600 mins voice. Which seems like a fairly good deal.

    Any other tips for switching over to them any promotions ?

    Do I need a SIM from them or will the switch just happen automagically ?

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    i would suggest before you do anything else that you go to a T-Mo store and have them put one of their (employees) sims in your treo and see if it works. when i first got my 180g i had to take it to a T-Mo store due to a problem. the sales goober put his sim in and it worked fine. at least this way you'll know weather or not it is really unlocked and will work with them.
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    I'm in the exact same boat as you!

    AT&T guy for 2 years and looking to switch to Ms Zeta-Jones!

    I'm just weary if really unlocked my phone, though I am going to walk into a store one day. If all works I'm going with $39.99 + $19.99

    Also gotta see if their Internet doesn't block any ports. I want to use Mergic VPN to access my clients system.

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    Took the advice and walked into a store and tried the TMo SIM after applying the patch. Both voice and data appeared to work just fine. I went for the $39.99 plan and want to try the WAP Free Access trick to see if I can just use that first....Is that 'legal' by the way ?
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    I switched last week and am very pleased with TM vs ATT. I can talk with their CS with no problem and the data plan (I'm paying the 19.99 unlimited) gives me so much freedom compared to ATT. I can use the Treo as a modem for my laptop anywhere in the US (where there's service, that is), and I can listen to Shoutcast as much as I want. In addition, in my part of the Bay Area, the signal is much better. Couldn't be happier and can't wait to cancel my ATT plan.

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