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    I have Exchange forward a copy of my email to my Sprintpcs address and then I pick it up with Snapper. Snapper is easier and faster than getting it on the Vision site on my Treo. The problem is, my Sprintpcs mail builds up very quickly and is very slow to erase, even on the website. I spend about 20 minutes a day doing it. I talked to Sprint about having it erased automatically after one day or so, but no dice. Is there a way to access email from my Exchange server to my Treo without having it sent to my Sprintpcs address first? My systems guy says no, but I need another opinion because this is a real hassle. Any other advise on how to get around this problem would also be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Answered in the thread you started with this same topic in the Sprint forum...

    - Mike
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    and set snapper not to leave it on the server. Then you get your email on the treo, and dont have to delete.

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