I'm using the Treo 600 on SprintPCS. I downloaded the upgrade and installed. Since, I've had all kinds of problems with the Hot Sync. I'm not sure if it's related to the upgrade or just started to appear at the same time.

At any rate, when I connect the phone to the PC and try to Hot Sync, the Hot Sync manager will sporadically open and my phone will not connect to the computer.

I have tried everything to correct the problem. From reseting the handset to reloading the Hot Sync/Palm software onto the PC. The PC doesn't seem to recognize the USB connection.

When I experience this problem, I use the USB Clean Reg Utility and restart the computer. I then start to reload the Hot Sync/Palm softward and then sync. When I start the sync as part of loading the software on the PC, the computer recognizes a new device (Handspring Treo). I go through those steps and the hot sync connects. I can then sync about 3 or 4 times... but if I disconnect the cable the problem starts over again. Also after about 3 or 4 successful syncs, and/or 20 minutes go by, the PC will no longer sync. It seems the PC fails to recognize the Handsring device.

I've went through the Handspring site and tried everything (including removing the OEM for the palm).

Does anyone have a suggestion on making the PC recognize the Palm?