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    I realized lately (since upgrading) that when I try to check my email or try going on the net, after an hour or so of not being on it, that it has to connect again. Now call me crazy, but I have this funny-funny-back-of-my-mind-feeling, that sprint did it in the upgrade to save us from being connected to the net all the time.

    Now when I have to check my email, like once an hour or so, I almost every time have to log on again, when this was not the case before the update...

    Instead of workin on that maybe they should of worked on the Camera, voice record/call ect.
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    I noticed it before the upgrade though...
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    This has been the behavior since day 1. Probably saves your battery and won't give you cancer as quickly since the radio isn't always transmitting.

    Doesn't bother me.
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    This used to be a Treo300 behavior, but has never happened since I upgraded to the 600 before or after the update (done three days ago). Crossing fingers...
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    I keep my Treo600 connected to Vision all day long while at work, and it never disconnects itself (even while "idle") - either before having loaded the patch or after. However, sometimes when I'm at home where I've got a weak signal, it WILL disconnect itself from Vision if I leave it sit for awhile. My guess here is that it's signal strength related since my signal strength at work is fantastic while at home it's somewhat less than desirable.

    Regardless, this behavior hasn't changed as a result of loading the 1.10 patch - it's always been this way.
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    Yeah. This happened to me too. The update was smooth as could be, but then this started CRAZY part is, when I checked the network settings there was SOMEONE ELSE'S vision name and pasword set into my!

    My phone was connecting to vision and I was able to send and receive e-mail through Snapper (never changed a thing in Snapper after the upgrade)...sent and received SMS through 600SMS, used blazer etc., but all using cortega01 as my vision name! I called Sprint and they changed it all back to my vision name,,,no more problems. I have never been disconnected in over 2 days!

    How's that for weird?!

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