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    i tried to install the update and i have had only problems since first of all the first time i tried to install it said not enough memory on my phone but i had well over 10 m of free space the update only required 4 so i tried it again and it installed on my phone well i thought so,but when i did the hotsync to put my programs back on my phone it did a soft reset and put an icon for the sprint update on my phone now everytime i do a hotync it does a soft reset and my phne want install any of my programs it just syncs my contacts,to do list, memo and calender and every time i click on the update icon it says not enough memory to install i tried to delete the update from my phone but everytime i do a hotsync it comes back someone help!!!!
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    This discussion probably has helpful information. It is a long thread, but worth the read. I never would have been able to install my update without it.
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