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    We love to shop on price. You figure you want a particular item, say a new digital camera, research it, and now just want to buy the cheapest one.

    You go to your local electronics store and find it, but you wonder if you should buy it right now or maybe could find it cheaper somewhere else.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could eCompare the price of that camera to several sites on the Internet to see if it is a good deal or if you should wait and buy it online?

    Is there an app that does this? I don't think so. The Price app listed recently in beta only works with Amazon- not the best place to comparison shop.

    Anyone up to the task of creating an eCompare app that might query sites like:

    This would be a great app.

    Anyone interested in more thoughts- let me know.
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    I feel like I'm being trolled here... but what the heck.

    Someone already wrote the Amazon one for you. You can find it here or here. (Don't ask me why he started two threads about it, I'm just here to help. In defiance of the two thread tradition, I will not be replying in your other thread.)
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    Yeah PalmPrices seems like it could be a killer app. Hopefully the developer will in the future support other search engines in addition to Amazon. Also I can't wait for future barcode functionality!!
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