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    Has someone experiences with stereo headset with microphone and with 2.5 jack directly attached to the Treo 600?

    There is a product from a company "SKullCandy" selling this product:

    Have a look at it

    They say it work's with Treo 270/300. Does somebody know it already? Will it work also with 600?

    Or does someone knows another product for listening mp3 and making calls with same headset?


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    I sent Skull Candy an email a couple of weeks ago asking if it would work with the 600. Never got a reply.

    I've never understood why companies bother posting email addresses if they're not going to replay to the mail they get. Right now I'd be very reluctant to order anything from them. I'd worry that there customer service is non-existent.
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    I have a set, and they definately do not work with the treo 600, although there have been roumours that scullcandy will soon release a treo 600 compatible version.
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    Another product on the market is the headset from Seidio:

    Seidio Headset

    But they have technical problems: read the "important notice" at the bottom of the website link.

    Let us hope, that on of this manufacturer introduces a working solution soon!!

    Perhaps the hardware design of the Treo 600 will never allow a solution?!?! (The longer I think, the more I believe that the problem is at the Treo site and not at the headset manufacturer's site!!!)

    Or may this issue solved with the firmware version 2.09 ?!?!
    Any experience with that?
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    <long>There was some dicussion about two months ago on the Skullcandy set. Unfortunately the 270/300 compatible headset is a Nokia 4-pole type connector, and the Treo600 has changed over to a Universal 3-pole connector. The microphone on the headset does not function on the Nokia-style connectors in the T600 (this is any 4-pole headset). The universal Skullcandy headset should work, but be aware that these headsets have separate connectors for the phone and audio.
    Skullcandy was working on a Seido equivalent (single connector version), but I assume that they ran into the same problems as Seido in that they need some electronics to fool the T600 into thinking that the appropriate style headset is plugged in, and to switch states based on the required function </long>
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