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    Since I "updated," I can no longer use the speaker feature. It does not function during a call.
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    It would seem my Blazer has a very hard time getting out to the web since the update. I can use other internet apps (email, AvantGo, etc.), but I have only gotten Blazer to fetch info for one browser session. ...And I'm not sure how I did that!

    I tried soft reset, clearing the cache, clearing the cookies, manually deleting both of those files and currently can't get to the web. I'm wondering if a hard reset and freshly installing my apps will help, but that's such a pain I don't want to do it unless I know it will work!

    Anyone else see this?
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    Sprint's internet service has been unstable lately, they are preforming many upgrades to support SMS and other features.
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    I spotted the other thread about the issues with Blazer proxies. Looks like that was it and it's now afflicting the Bay Area.

    Kinda nice to know I didn't screw up my device.

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    Approx 36 hours after the new sprint update I lost the ability to use the speakers period, handset or loudspeaker. I am going in to get replacement number 2

    OH and snappermail autofetches every minute. I have autofetch set for never. Just freakin great........
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    Errr...Jus wondering

    iF Ur speakers not functioning has...
    anything to do wid der specific warning :" Dun do anything while updating, Internal radio might be affected"

    Jus a thought though...
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