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    I recently purchased a new, unlocked T270 on ebay, never having seen the product up close. My first PDA device. I wasn't real pleased with the materials or build quality initially but felt the functionality more than compensated.

    After a couple of months of not-too-stressful handling and average use, I find that the main panel on the underside of the lid has come loose at one corner. Also, there is some "give" in the fit between the top and bottom pieces of the main chassis, and they squeak a little if you press them together.

    Question 1) is this a typical experience for users of 270, something that should just be expected from this product or this manufacturer, or have I gotten my hands on a dud in this particular unit? 2) what are some things that can be done to alleviate the above symptoms (keeping in mind I'm someone who once tried to open a Coke can with an allen wrench)?
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    I have a Treo 300, this "loose" fit is typical for both the 270 and 300. The only recommendation I have is try to tighten the phillips head screws that hold the housings together.
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    Agree with Gekko (love that Avatar).

    I have modified several Treo's to have no lid. From my experience, the build quality is extremely poor. You can get free plastic toys in Corn Flakes boxes with better constuction

    To be fair, I think the original design team probably had several issues to deal with:

    1. Lack of cash to do it right.
    2. How to fit it all into a little plastic box (knowing that they had a lack of cash to do it right).

    I look at the 180/270/300 as mere marketing tools to 'test the waters'.
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    Yeah my treo flip lid snapped at the hinge so I had replaced with a new unit at a price of course.

    Better buy a leather casing or the like to protect it.

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