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    I was looking to see if any applications existed that would make the four main buttons even more useful. I would like to be able to launch a program by say double clicking one of the main buttons or by pressing the button for an extended period of time. So the functionality would basically be like KeyCaps600, it would just allow you to launch more programs directly with the buttons. I understand that you can hold the option button while pressing the main buttons to launch more programs. However this is a bit slow and cumbersome, so I'm looking for a better solution for when I am reaching for my phone just to check MegaClock or something.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    to name a few
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    TealLaunch somewhat does what I want but not really. If I am using my Treo and I press and hold say the phone button it will launch say MegaClock. But if my screen is off and the keyguard is on and I press and hold the phone button nothing happens. I want something that is fairly basic and reallly just extends the four hard buttons. No popup menus or anything like that. I'm sure it exists I just have not come across it.
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    My favorite is Button Launcher (also included in Palm Commander for a few dollars more). Assign up to 9 apps to each of the 4 hard buttons. Press once for 1st app, twice quickly for 2nd app, etc. The delay before launching is adjustable, so you can set it longer to let you see the app you're selecting, or shorter to launch the apps without delay.
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    Shameless plug:

    You can also try SpeedLaunch or SpeedLaunch+. Both support launching up to 10 apps from each button. SpeedLaunch+ will also launch apps from expansion media.

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    I use HBX from Radoslaw Nowak (Ranosoft).
    I like it because it displays the menu of apps for each button at the bottom of the screen. Then you can either press the approprite button or just tap the screen icon that it displays.

    Of course since each button can only trigger 4 apps (for the secondary press (4 hard buttons)), there's a total of 16 apps that you can map. But that seems to be a pretty decent number for me, and I don't even use button 4, because I have it mapped for graffiti anywhere.

    I'm currently working on a program similar to "graffiti anywhere" that could be turned on with a different button, though.
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    I tested all of them - gosh, what a time consuming thing. Bought two of them. One worked, sort of, but had a problem with turning on/off the Treo. The other one is the one I have kept on the Treo - it is "Co-Launcher." It uses one hard key and the keys on the keyboard.



    Originally posted by neotope
    I was looking to see if any applications existed that would make the four main buttons even more useful.

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