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    I received a Piel Frama case today and I must say I'm very disapointed.

    First off, It's very thick. Just seems to be thicker than most of the other form fitting type cases I've used. Maybe it has extra padding but in my opinion it's too much,

    Also, the fit is not the greatest. The way the phone fits into the bottom of the case doesn't really work all that great. The headset port doesn't seem to line up properly. When it is lined up the phone doesn't feel like it's secure in the case.

    I like the magnectic closure but that's about it. I'm quite disapointed. I had a Piel Frama case for my S.E. p800 and loved it. This doesn't work the same way.

    I'll try to write a more extensive review with some pictures of it later.
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    Just a little more on the case.

    In it's defense, it's the first case that I've seen that has EVERY single cut-out. It even goes as far as to have a mess cut out covering the speaker in the back. Very nice touch. It also has two pockets for SD cards, which would come in handy for me since I just started using Pocket Tunes.

    The clip is the somewhat standard stud/swivel clip design but the stud can be removed if you don't plan to use the belt clip.

    Still, I can't say I like the case. The bulkiness coupled with the poor fit don't appeal to me. Looks like it's going to be retired to the great Treo 600 case drawer in the sky. I'm sticking with the Nut-Shell for now.

    Here are the pictures as promised:

    Front of Case:

    Back of Case:

    Side of Case with Phone:

    Case Opened with Phone:

    Case Opened with Phone #2:

    Standing up with Phone:
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    I agree it's not for everyone. But I have a feeling that with those pics, you've turned a lot of people on to the case contrary to your written review Those are some great pics of a great case.
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    PETA will surely picket me and send me hate mail...regardless, I will tell you that I own a pair of Allen Edmonds and a pair of Cole Haan leather shoes, a Hilfiger leather wallet and even a Ralph Lauren leather jacket. My Piel Frama case is as nice as any of these. It is world-class craftmanship even if the fit isn't 'exact.' Just my two cents...

    PS P Frama's customer service is top-notch. I'd suggest telling them you are not totally satisfied. My guess is they will take care of you. Me? I'm keeping mine!
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    I cut out an opening in the front of my Nutshell case for the speaker. (In the front, because I keep the treo in the case with the screen facing inwards).

    I used a hole punch (made for leather) and punched a few overlapping holes.

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