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    Has anyone used this? Is it worth $50? Does it work as advertised?

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    The MOST I ever spent on a headset was $39.99 for a Jabra that was all in one. The mic is in the earpice. When I got a replacement one just over a year ago I only paid $19.99, and it has a button on it to answer/hangup your phone. I have yet to find anything as reliable, clear, confortable, and long lasting as the Jabra ones.
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    You didnt answer my question at all, I want to know about this headset specifically and its worth buying...

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    While I haven't used this headset, I have used Shure's other earbuds for professional audio monitoring, and they are the reference standard in the audio earbud monitor industry. People running the mix boards in most concert venues swear by the Shure E5c series.

    It'll be interesting to see if Shure can make a name for themselves in a mainstream market. If the product is half as good as their earbuds (which sell for $500 a pair!) then this will be the headset to get.
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    I have not used this headset, however have used Shure products, including sereo earbuds.

    Anything they put out is the standard for the industry.

    It probably will blow away Jabra
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    Will post to tell you how it is...

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    I use it frequently and it's great from a noise reduction perspective. It is also very comfortable. I really miss the answer/hand-up button, however. I would not buy one again knowing what I know now until they add that feature.
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    There are extensive reviews and comparisons of this headset in the Accessories section. Just do a search on Shure or Quietspot.

    I owned one, liked it, but sent it back. I tried The Boom and even though the cost is prohibitive, it is the best headset (quiet, noise cancelling capabilities) I've every used. It would be difficult to beat, but the price ($99-159 depending on specials) is high.

    The Shure is better than the included earbud, but not quite good enough for in-car use or other noisy environments when I want to conduct business.

    See more from others in the other forum.

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