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    I just noticed that I'm no longer getting caller ID information when people send me SMS messages. I'm using Treo300SMS.

    Anybody else have this same problem?
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    Yes, I'm having the same problem with no caller ID with treo300sms. And being as such, I can't choose respond anymore. Has the look and feel of a one-way message.

    Will search out for an answer in other threads hopefully.

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    As you might already know, Sprint is upgrading their network to support MO-SMS which may be causing the problem with Treo300sms. Contact PDAapps regarding this issue. Good luck. I was also a Treo300sms user before I switched to the Treo600.
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    Speaking of PDA Apps, anybody getting a response from them these days? And, yes, until I switched Treo300's (and my SMS300 quite working, I too was no longer getting caller id.
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    I have e-mailed PDAapps and they have indicated to me that Sprint is stripping caller ID information from text messages is the reason that we're not seeing this information. Supposedly Treo300SMS will perform as normal when caller ID isn't stripped anymore. Evidently, you have to have the caller ID information in order for the "reply" button to function.

    I just got off the phone with my third level 2 tech who all but admitted that the problem was in the new Sprint text messaging change over that happened on or about January 17 (which happens to be around the time that I noticed my caller ID information disappearing). They say the problem is a "known issue". How many times have we heard that? But this guy seemed sincere in his explanation.

    He indicated that there is something they are going to try about February 17 that may correct this issue.

    I know this doesn't solve anything yet, but at least it presents a glimmer of hope.

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    Well, it is the 19th and I am still getting No Caller ID on SMS. Any further word on possible corrections from Sprint?
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    I found it odd that my other sprint phone shows the caller information in shortmail. Figures that the issue doesn't affect their own software.


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