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    I just ordered some screen protectors on ebay. Before I install the first one I've got some grease and dust to clean off of my screen. Yesterday I bought a laptop / LCD cleaning kit from Office Depot and cleaned my LCD monitor. You get two cloths. One is moist that you wipe the screen with. The other is a nice clean dry one for wiping off any residue and polishing the screen. Both come in foil sealed pouches. Is this stuff safe to use on my Treo?
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    I don't know, my sales rep told me to use a lint free cloth.
    I typically just use my tie !
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    I don't know, my sales rep told me to use a lint free cloth.
    I typically just use my tie !
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    Good grief, this is the Harware forum. Excuse me taking over from the moderator, but get a grip
    Toilet paper and spit will do nicely
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    I use an anti-static cleaning wipe...leaves no residue and dries it comes in a little "wetones" style plastic container...comes in like a pack of 200...5.99

    very useful...cleans the entire case with one wipe...mucho effective.
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    Well I use a screen protector, so I just use a little window cleaner & a cloth. (I never use paper products, ALL paper baset material will be abrisive.) However when I am changing screen protectors I use "Pre-Moisned" Lens Cleaning Tissues. They are self trying, and remove nearly anything from the screen. And they make the screen anti-static, so when I go to place the new screen protector there is never any dust under it.

    (The screen protectors I got last about 6-10 months)
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    Fellows/Concept Kitchen makes a PDA screen cleaning kit. It comes with a dozen or so sets of cleaning towels, one is wet with some type of cleaner and the other dry and a everyday cleaning towel. I use the wet/dry combo towels to clean my screen before applying a screen protector and the towel for everyday smudges.
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    Moist washcloth with a drop of Windex and a q-tip for those hard-to-reach corners!
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    i have used brillianize for years on everything.
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    I just use an lcd screen cleaning cloth I bought for my laptop a while back. It really polishes the screen nicely without any spit, cleaner, etc.
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    I just lick my screen with my tongue and then let it air dry....

    mmmmmmmmm......Treo 600.....SLOBBER SLOBBER SLOBBER
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    I use any cleaner intended for plastic eyeglass lenses. Wallmart has some that's cheap and works fine on the Treo (although it doesn't work very well on my glasses!)
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    I use a silk? towel thing they give u at a glasses store to clean ure glasses w/. it works great . . . try one
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    How 'bout the dishwasher?
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    LMAO - Tried the dishwasher thing, screen is lovely but my handset won't boot

    Seriously though, a gentle solvent(isopropyl alcholol) and a lint free cloth are in use.
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    Originally posted by MovieGene
    I don't know, my sales rep told me to use a lint free cloth.
    I typically just use my tie !
    ROTFLMAO! I love you're avatar! I have the same wallpaper for my Windows desktop, but without Marvin. I going to put him in now!

    BTW, to clean the screen, and my glasses, I use the 3M Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth. All liquids streak. This is dry, so it doesn't streak.

    "Unique 3M microfibers lift dust and oils from delicate lenses without the use of chemicals.
    Ideal for eyeglass lenses, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes and other delicate surfaces.
    Saves money. The cloth is reusable and machine washable hundreds of times.
    Non-scratching*, non-linting."
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    First I breathe on the screen. Then I use a Kleenex. (When Kleenex not available, I pull out the bottom of my T-Shirt.)

    I'm sure I'll move on to another device within a year anyway, so why try to make the device last a decade anyway!
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    Scotch tape works for me. I just tape it on and tape it off. Simple as that. No scratches or oils. Takes off fingerprints too.
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    I use a dry piece of cotton and it works just fine for me.
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