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    from Handspring's Website this morning -

    "We currently plan to begin taking pre-orders for T-Mobile in mid-February and expect to start shipping in early March. To get notified when our T-Mobile-compatible version becomes available, please sign up for our e-newsletter."
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    this is how the handled the other rollouts. about 3 weeks from being able to order and then actually shipping the product.

    guys/gals, do your self a favor and just order the phone. do the accesories as a different order.
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    Anyone know how TMO works in Portland, OR?
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    T-mobile is killing me!

    Does this mean their first release will be the Treo 610?
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    But hey!!! Back in october, it was only a "few" weeks away from being available.
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    I ordered 7 T-Mobile Treo 600s for my company and we've been using them for the last 3 weeks, no problems. Availability was limited but we had no problems with delivery. Coverage is great in Southeast, Denver areas where we work.
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    I need to know, please confirm!


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    what page on handspring did you see this message?
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    For the T-Mobile Treo-Less Masses -
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    Originally posted by BustAGroove
    For the T-Mobile Treo-Less Masses -
    I hope the rumors of the 610 are true and that t-mo users get the first crack at them for the patience they have showed upto now.

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    Ive heard Tmo comment that they were "waiting for something better" but it wasnt certain whether they were commenting on the Treo270 or the MDA/PPC. Hey I hope its both - Tmo needs a boost in the new rig dept.
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