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    I called *2 to talk to a Sprint CSR, and got a message to hold on for an update. I assumed it was an update of the Sprint towers information that was a recent thread on this forum, so I immediately told my son, who has my old t300, to call *2 so he could get the update. He got no such prompt for an update.

    Any clues as to what type of update this could have been?
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    Its a PRL update. Search the forum and you will find a reference to it.
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    I know about that update, it's the one I referenced in my post about the Sprint Towers. But I thought if that were the case, it would have prompted my son's t300 to receive the same update? Isn't this a Sprint-wide update? My son never calls *2, so I know he couldn't have gotten it earlier, so I'm wondering why he wasn't prompted.
    John 3:16
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    Your account has to be flagged for the update - his account wasn't flagged, so *2 didn't give him the prompt.
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    If you want to update your son's T300, just call CS and tell them to flag the treo for a PRL update and then the next time you dial *2 it will automatically download...
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