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    For anyone that has opened up the T600, can you tell me what kind/size driver you used. im not even sure from looking at it if it's a hex or a star-shaped driver. i've tried every hex i could lay hands on and haven't found one that fits.

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    I believe they are called "TORX"
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    They're called "WKSPFOT" screws... Other wise known as: We Keep Stupid People From Opening Treo's...

    Don't believe me? Checkout the treo 600 hardware reference guide.
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    Just by asking about the screws, I think you are going to void any of the warranty that the phone has...In this situation an inqusitive mind may be costly..

    Good luck

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    Its a t-6 torx, i bought a little screw driver at home depot that had four double ended bits. Worked great. I put my screen protector on with the case off, looks much better.

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