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    I used to be able to skip charging for 2 days. Every since I ran my battery to 0%, my charge doesnt seem to last as long. I have install phone guard and a few other third party apps since my big drain. Could a third party app drain my battery faster?

    T600, GSM, FW 2.04, Hardware B
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    When I subscribed to Vision and had Chatter running, my battery would run down to <10% each day with minimal usage. Since I gave up Vision and only use the PDA and phone functionality, I am able to go for 3-4 days between charges.
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    I've noticed this too i have many 3rd party apps and I may not even use a program the entire day and my battery meter drops pretty. It wasn't like this when i first got the phone
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    That is what I was afraid of, some thrid party app is draining my phone.

    I will wipe my phone clean, and start over.
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    I just saw something really crazy...

    My Treo read at about 40% (it was fully charged about an hour earlier). That's not the weird part...

    I dropped it in the charger and litterally like 5 minutes later, I noticed the light on the top was green. I checked the battery and it read 100%.

    I don't know what to believe: Was my battery really down to 40% and it magically charged in record time? Was 40% a false reading? Or worse... Is the 100% a false reading?

    Very strange.
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    I did the firmware upgrade yesterday. Today I discovered a big red X over the battery, tapped on it, and it told me my battery was at 95%.

    After this the phone sort of locked up, though not completely. When I reset it the battery acted as though it was completely drained. I plugged the phone in for about two minutes, and now it's back to where I expect it to be.

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    Originally posted by PattiB
    I did the firmware upgrade yesterday. Today I discovered a big red X over the battery, tapped on it, and it told me my battery was at 95%.

    After this the phone sort of locked up, though not completely. When I reset it the battery acted as though it was completely drained. I plugged the phone in for about two minutes, and now it's back to where I expect it to be.

    That has happened to me too. I think it's one of the early warning signs of a "network search" problem (do a search on this forum for the history). When the X is over the battery, the phone won't take a charge. Mine started occuring so frequently that I ended up having to replace it a week ago. I'm disappointed to hear that the new firmware didn't resolve the problem... looks likely that it's hardware related.
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    I have been noticing significantly more battery drain since this past weekend. I had assumed that it was related to my T6 crashing each day which I had incorrectly attributed to a new Bob's Alarm release. I've done the 1.1 upgrade and my resets have stopped completely, however, my battery drain is still high.

    I was averaging about 33% battery usage a day and now I'm seeing almost twice that. My battery is currently at 40% and it's only been off since 5am or so this morning and it's quite noticable via BatteryGraph (used to be a gentle 2-3 day glide, now it's a "Oh ****, PULL UP!")

    I don't ptunes, chatter, etc. I have disabled and removed clockpop, snapcalc, VolKeys. KCaps600 is still on there.

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    You can try out Treo600 Connection Manager.

    It allows you to control when the treo stays connected.

    You can specify how long after the connection goes idle that it should disconnect. You can specify which applications the timeout doesn't apply.

    You can also specify that you only want the connection to stay live while you are using your treo. This allows mail programs to connect and disconnect at their standard intervals, but when you are using your Treo it will stay connected (even when you aren't actively sending).

    I have found this program saves valuable battery life.

    It can be found at:
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    Why not use the radio options in TreoHelper for this? If they don't do the same, never mind.

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    I think for most people, that might be ok. I found that by fine tuning exactly when and when it disconnects it can be alot more useful.

    For instance, if you want the connection to disconnect after 30 seconds idle (which you can do with the Treo Helper), then when you are in Blazer, if you are reading a page, it will disconnect.

    If you set the timeout to something longer, then the likely hood is that your connection will auto connect to something in between then.

    With Treo600 CM, you can specify exactly when and where the connection disconnects, which in my opinion is much more useful.

    However, Treo Helper is free.
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    All - the point is that many of us are suddenly experiencing noticably less battery life!

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    I must be one of the lucky ones as I did not really have any issues before the update nor do I since the update. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.
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    I found that I had beam-recieve turned on, I've turned it off and will see if that makes a difference. I'm really hoping so as the 1 day battery is a problem for me.

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    For me, it doesn't seem to be a gradual battery drain. Rather, it goes from fully charged (or very nearly so) to reading zero in no time flat.

    Tonight it had a red X over a full battery for a while, and then after a reset it had a red X over a completely empty battery for a very long time. Tapping the icon told me zero battery, but the phone worked just fine.

    In the middle of a call this evening it just disconnected, though... the phone went black, and wouldn't work even after I plugged it in, but worked fine (while plugged in) after a soft reset.

    As I write this I just got off the phone, and the battery is claiming 46% charge.
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    I have now removed almost all thrid party software, and the phone is fully charged.

    I will give it a day or so to see how the battery reacts.

    I wish HS/Palm would hurry up the firmware update for GSM T600's.

    I really do believe that an update is testing.
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    Beam receive is known to eat batteries, and the Rom update did reset beam receive to the default "on" position, so that could well be it.

    The Red X problem is, I think, something totally separate. There have been a few threads about it.
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    I did the patch yesterday and had the phone fully charged. When I went to bed, the battery said 90%. When I woke up this mornig (about 7 hours sleep) the battery said 33%. The vision arrows were present, but grey instead of green. Usually overnight with no use, the battery would possibly be only at 85% from 90%. It seems like the Vision data is draining the battery a lot faster.

    I have Verichat running, and Snappermail. But the snappermail isn't set to periodically receive mail. I manually fetch my mail.

    A little more information...I did once run my battery down to 6%. This was a couple of weeks ago, prior to performing this recent patch.
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    I've heard that running Verichat in the foreground will eat battery pretty quickly. Did you have Verichat as the active app all night?
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    i'm also seeing battery issues since the update. Dang. i've soft reset a few times, turned off and on - just seems like the battery isn't charging as it used to - it would sit in my cradle all morning, and by noon or so, it would have gone back to fully charged. Not now. It's creeping along at 55%......56%......57%....

    Not at all normal. Beam recv off, and Verichat not running actively in the foreground. maybe a hard reset later....
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