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    huh - just as SOON as I posted this, the battery meter just now jumped to 100%, and the indicator light is at green. So - maybe the 600 knew I was typing a post about battery life, and it knew it had better get on the stick.

    It knows what I'm doing...scary....
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    I don't believe I was running Verichat in the foreground. I'll see what happens tonight. I'll be sure to leave it on Vision, but make sure I switch to the phone screen before i go to bed.

    Regardless, I believe before I've left the phone on Vision with Verichat in the foreground and it never drained the battery this low in one night.
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    Just a follow up...

    I left work around 6:15 tonight and I've had my treo 600 plugged into my charging usb cable to my laptop (using PDANET).

    I've done a few things like attempting to send some sms messages that still don't seem to work (sprint's master upgrade plan in the works). I've recieved one phone call and I have Verichat running in the background. The battery was at 100% and now after 2:30 the battery is at 84%. I anticipate by the time I wake up in the morning, it will be once again around 30%

    Is there anyway to revert back to the previous version? I did use the backupman program to back up my treo600 before I updated. Does anyone know if I used the backed up data will it change my treo600 back to the previous version?

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    I don't think a backup copies the ROM, and I don't think a restore will restore it.

    But I really don't think the ROM update is the culprit. My battery life is fine after upgrading the ROM. I notice no difference at all. I'd do a full backup of all your apps, then do a hard reset and see what happens. If your battery life is ok after than, it's got to be a software issue.
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    Based on the battery level over night, I concur that Verichat requires a lot. I woke up and the battery was at 74%. I had vision on (grey arrows) when I went to bed and when I woke up, I was logged off Vision.

    Or maybe just being on Vision drains the battery as well. I don't know. In the Verichat software, there is a setting where if you exit out of the verichat program, the program will "turn off." The setting I chose was to leave it running when I did exit out of the program (therefore in the background). I've always had this setting from the first day I've purchased Verichat a year ago. Don't get me wrong. It is a great program and I use it tremendously. I guess I'll have to be patient and see how the update "irons" itself out!

    Thanks for everyone's help! It is much appreciated.
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