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    Does anyone know where pictures taken from the camera are saved. I use agendus for my POP access. When I try to send a picture from the Camera app, it only lists the native mail app, (and Snappermail which I no longer have). iMail is not listed.
    If I create a new message thru iambic mail, it looks for attachments on my SD card. iLve roamed around with fileZ, but I can't locate the pictures to move them to the SD card.

    Does anyone have any insight?
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    you can save the pictures directly to the card when you take the picture...before taking a picture click where it says personal, unfiled, etc and select your SD card at the bottom

    for a longer method that defeats the purpose of sending an email with those pictures, sync your treo open up treo pictures and open the pictures you want with install tool and it will send to the sd card.
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    Originally posted by SprintTreo600
    you can save the pictures directly to the card when you take the picture
    You can also do it after you take the picture by accessing the Picture menu and choosing Move. Select your card from the list. Then the picture gets save to the /DCIM folder on your card.

    I believe the pictures are stored in Ram in a database file so unless you email program can interface with the picture app you need to get them from the card.

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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ $email$ $client$ $that$ $can$ $directly$ $access$ $the$ $images$ $from$ $the$ $Treo$ $Picture$ $library$ $in$ $RAM$ $is$ $the$ $Handspring$ $email$ $client$. $Otherwise$, $you$ $have$ $to$ $transfer$ $the$ $image$ $to$ $the$ $card$ $first$...
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    Frustrating, but the manual move did work.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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