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    i'm looking for a very tight fitting case that is like the vaja ivolution. I can have a screen cover i guess and/or maybe a keyboard cover, but i'd prefer at least the keys not to be covered with plastic. All I'm after is putting it on my belt and I don't want any more bulk than I have to have. Use of the camera is irrelevant as I don't use it so easy access to it isn't important.

    If I can't find above such case that is reasonably priced, is there a simple slip case that is basically like the one that came with the unit but adds a belt clip? Again, thin... I'd prefer it without the little snapover top piece.

    I pull mine out a LOT to use as a phone, not just a PDA. I'm not a big fan of ear pieces so I need to get it off my belt and on my ear quickly.

    Anything with a flipover cover will simply not do...

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    I've had several of the cases mentioned on this board, and have found the Nutshell to be closest to what I think you want. Tight fit, great clip that hugs the hip, and I think it can be ordered without the top loop, though that little piece of insurance is nice IMO.

    Most of the other cases have a detachable clip which puts the Treo way out from the belt. Most others have plastic covering some or all of the front. Next closest option might be the new case offered on the Sprint site, with the mylar key covering cut out and leaving off the protective flap.

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    You can read my review of the Nut-Shell case here:

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