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    I have been contemplating buying the Treo 600 from Sprint. I currently have an old Palm Vx and a Motorola V60i. I was thinking of buying a new pda when I ran across the 600. I am just a casual pda user, who never really took advantage of all the Vx had to offer. I have read quite a few post for and against the 600. I am curious, if you had to do it over would you still purchase the Treo 600? Your input will surely be welcomed and appreciated.
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    Well... maybe not.

    I sort of wish I could try using a good, simple cellphone that was able to communicate over Bluetooth with a flip-and-rotate style handheld, but right now that would probably be a Sony Ericsson phone & a UX-50 Clie, neither of which seem to be all that wonderful individually. I mean, I want the UX-50 to kick *** ...but it just doesn't. It's cool because there isn't anything else quite like it, and, sure, a three-legged dog can run -- it just isn't going to win the race when the real dogs show up. (Okay, I don't know where that metaphor came from. Moving on...)

    The main things that bring the Treo 600 down, for me, are the candybar form factor and the low-res screen. Some people clamor for a voice recorder and Bluetooth, but I don't find myself missing those features, exactly. In fact, people's feelings (including my own) about the form factor, Bluetooth and voice recording can probably be put down to personal preference, but the low-res screen thing is a kicker. Anyone who trys to tell you that 160x160 is "just fine" has probably just escaped from the laughing academy. I get gadget envy like nobody's business every time I look at a handheld with one of those half-VGA screens.

    Of course, you're always going to get screwed buying this kind of device (I know, I know!) but this actually might not be the best time to buy into a new system. With Palm OS 6 devices coming out this year (hopefully), very mature Symbian OS devices becoming more available every day (ooh, that sexy, sexy P900), and upgrades to most North American cellphone networks (where are you?), one might think that the next coolest thing is just around the corner.

    Finally, though, there isn't anything that really draws me away from the Treo 600 now that I have it. I bought this thing through one of the upgrade programs and really thought I would return it before 30 days if it wasn't freakin' perfect. Well, it isn't freakin' perfect, but it's impossible to give up. Seriously -- no way I could go back to a 300 at this point, much as I liked that thing.

    So there you have it (I think) -- I might do something different if I was starting from scratch, but now that I'm here there is no going back.

    P.S. If you aren't big on the Palm-as-organizer deal, maybe a Blackberry would be thing thing for you. Some web browsing, very good email and voice service. Hm?
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    If I had the chance to do it again....I certainly would. Although, I must say that it would have been nice if a Bluetooth model Treo had already been available. Anyway, I cant complain because I have a lot of learning to do with this phone. So far I am happy with it.
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    yes but, I would buy an unlocked GSM version. Sprint is too much of a pain and being locked into one cellvendor is a pain. Add to that that I travel overseas now, GSM makes more sense.
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    Definitely. And I'd pay full retail price, too.
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    Absolutely! The times I've had to perform a hard reset (2) it has been because of operator error (playing with third-party apps). Other than that, I have not had any problems. It does everything that I need. Would I like to see some improvements? Yes! But nothing that would stop me from buying the Treo 600. And that is taking into consideration that I have been without a landline since 1999 and I am using my laptop less and less for travels. So the Treo is very convenient for me.

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    I'd buy again in a heartbeat. It's still a great tool, and has replaced laptop almost entirely.
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    Definitely. I'd purchase again. I will most likely upgrade as the model improves later this year. I'll be looking for a hi-rez screen, 200MHZ processor, and perhaps built in bluetooth.
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    I gave up a Sony Clie with high res screen when moving to the Treo, but for me it's not really a big deal. If you want to use the PDA as a mobile image library, then the Treo isn't for you, but for normal PDA activities I think it's fine.

    I don't really care about bluetooth--I don't have any other BT devices to connect it to.

    I don't really care about WiFi: My CDMA connection is far more useful anyway.

    My biggest gripe is sound quality. The internal microphone sucks, no two ways about it. I put up with it because I love the integration of phone and PDA and Web/emal in one device, but I sure wish it had a better mic.
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    The T600 is the best phone I've ever had. Hands down.
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    i've had the visor, visor prism, prism/visorphone, treo300, and now the Treo600.

    I loved ALL of them, but T600 has been the most satisying. Of course it is the most modern, but all of the above, when released, were ahead of their time.

    Good/bad things about each:
    prism/visorphone: First time one could do true wireless data on ONE device (palm 7 was too limited, you could not go EVERYWHERE), but it was really way to big
    treo300: I never had a problem, and the size was right. The only shortcoming was the lack of Java, making things like ordering from PapaJohns impossible. Also, the battery was too small.
    Treo600: This thing is small yet easy to use. Screen is smaller yet very dense. Battery is about TWICE the size of any other palm. I guess I would like a hires screen for compatibility with newer games and for video.
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    Yes, I would absolutely. I didn't realize how much computing power I had the T600 until a family member was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to have emergency surgery. Since the family member lived in my hometown, and our family is scattered from North Carolina to New York, I had hospital duty. With the Treo 600 I was able to send updates to family members via email, make calls, browse the internet for information on types of brain tumors and their treatments, browse medical forums and post for suggestions of the best treatment facilities, return phone calls to specialists, insurance company, etc.

    I was also able to keep up with my office work by editing documents, sending edits out by email to be reviewed, return phone calls and emails, etc. I literally had my office with me at the hospital.

    Also since this occured right around Christmas, I was able to continue my Christmas shopping by browsing and ordering through the internet.

    To say nothing of the therupetic value of listening to music of the MP3 player during those agonizing hous of waiting for the surgery outcome.
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    NO complaints out of me at all. The rumored 610 (Hi Res? Bluetooth?) will not be enought to make me dump my T600. Hands down the best combo device I have owned, and perhaps the best cell phone I have owned.
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    I waited over a month to get my Treo 600 from Amazon and suffered from a major case of buyer's remorse. I waited three days for Sprint to port over my old number from Verizon and activate my phone. I waited on hold with a Sprint tech rep for over two hours trying to get my Treo provisioned right. I have been putting up with Vision and SMS roll-out and upgrade outages for the last week. I upgraded to 1.1 with much self-imposed angst.

    Yet, I'd buy another one in a second!!! Vision and SMS are working today here in Ohio and life is GOOD.

    Good Luck with your decision,
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    Yes, I would buy it agian...but I would wait until April next time to get the Treo610 with high rez screen and BT! By then PalmOne should also have released the Rom update to fix the camera and add voice recoder functionality. Also, Java and BlackBerry client support should be available as well by then making the Treo a very attractive device...
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    I talk to clients all th time about buying hardware and gadgets. While you want to go in informed and know that you're buying what you need, if you end up waiting because "the next thing is coming", you will never buy anything. There's always the next greatest gadget 6-10 months out. It's been this way for years.

    The treo piqued my curiousity. I read good things about it. It looked well designed and well thought out. It was built on the Palm OS which I've used before and my wife swears by. The only real requirement: it neded to be small. The owner and sales guys have the flip treos (270?) it looks like a little kid with a star tac or something.

    The only real gripe I had with it, is it took me too long to get it. I went through Cingular after switching from AT&T. I didn't switch for the phone, but I figured since I had to replace it, I'd go for it. While waiting for the Treo, I was stuck using a Nokia 6000 series...I could feel my knuckles dragging on the floor.

    I waited almost two months, but now it's mine, and yes, it is surgically attached.
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    Absolutely YES! The Treo is by far the best gadget and phone I have ever owned! And I have a few toys in the old toy chest.

    It's still amazing me just how smart and efficient it is. Like Cash, not depending on my laptop is just so key. We travel regularly so it is one less thing to pack.

    In addition, I LOVE being able to receive and send emails on the fly. Before the Treo, I would have to get home and check, now I can get my messages where ever I am. Plus I can go to websites as well with it. Definately makes Vision worthwhile!
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    Yep, I would buy again. No regrets at all.

    But I wonder if the T610 is really true or not. That might change my decision if I was buying now.

    Although I hope the rumor is true, my (completely uninformed) prediction is that the rumor is false.
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    best phone ive ever owned
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    No. As a phone, the Treo sucks. As a PDA, it's wonderful.

    The quality of the phone portion is terrible. Not only do I have a lot of trouble with calls going straight in to voice mail (even when I don't have an active data connection) the voice quality of the Treo is the worst of any phone I've ever used. I have a Sanyo 8100, and it is an outstanding phone. It doesn't drop calls, and the voice quality is great. The voice quality of the Treo is only good if you turn it around and talk into the back of it which is where the microphone is located.
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