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    hmmm, the voice quality on my Treo (sprint) is excellent. People often can't tell I'm using a cell phone, even when I'm in the car!
    Yes, I would buy one again without thinking twice.
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    Nope. Wouldn't do it again.

    I would have saved my money up and bought the HP iPAQ h5555 that I have now and perhaps a better Bluetooth phone.

    The low-res screen bothered me, the lack of anything SDIO was retarded, no email app really worked to my liking, Sprint was retarded with the lack of SMS, barely any of my old apps worked on it (even ones supposed to work on OS 5).

    I did however like the keyboard, the battery life (I almost never went below 75% at any time), the speed of the network when I had a good signal, Chatter (which I wish were for Windows Mobile 2003 now...).

    But, to each his or her own...
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    I would absolutely do it again. I had a Treo 180, then a Treo 300 and now my 600. So perhaps I'm not the most impartial observer, but I can say this: it is about 5 times as useful as the Treo 300.
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Yes, I would buy it agian...but I would wait until April next time to get the Treo610 with high rez screen and BT! By then PalmOne should also have released the Rom update to fix the camera and add voice recoder functionality. Also, Java and BlackBerry client support should be available as well by then making the Treo a very attractive device...

    Yes i would buy again.

    April God willing! Yeah.

    My brother recently bought a Samsung Palm. Returned it in 2 days, called it a piece of junk. I wonder if a Treo 600 would have had the same fate. But I tell you, the main problem with the Samsung was that it came with no software. And unlike me with no life, he runs a real estate business and has no time to start downloading and customizing the dozens of obscure programs we lowlifes here consider. Acidimage? Photogapher? Yhesss we've lost touch with the guy entering the Sprint store! And so has Sprint!

    A phone has to work when you get it! Get it? If you slow down the guy, 6 hours to charge, 24 to 48 hours to send emails, 10 programs to BUY to do anything decent...what we are really running here is a wax on wax off karate school for retards, for those of us with no life writing and reading these posts, yes we have the patience but the world does not!

    Here is what sells: a phone that comes charged. Where at the store they set it up to browse a Treo optimized site. Pum pum, news, movies, email yes yes yes in 5 minutes the buyer sees the whole thing work. Yes, some games, picture (2 mega with 320 x 320) of kids. Oh yeah.

    Right now we are pushing the Flintstones cars pedaling with our feet out on the road.

    I'm not asking for the Jetson's deal with videoconferencing, 3D lasers, etc.
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    A B S O L U T E L Y!!!!!!!!!
    Go Gators!
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    I have schlocked around a Palm and a cell phone for years before buying a Sprint PCS Digital Link for a Handspring Visor, then the Treo 300 and now the 600. If you use any of the Palm functions with any frequency, to me, having the converged device is awesome. Schlepping around one device instead of two is very convenient.

    The Treo 600 brings the best of both worlds into a realatively small footprint with infinite possibilities.

    So, yes, I would do it again and will continue to have a converged device until a better option presents itself. And in my eyes the Pocket PC and MS Smartphones don't hold a candle to the functionality and simplicity of the Palm devices.

    As for Sprint, for my area of the country the service works great. Crystal clear calls, no dead spots and travels well to major cities.

    Good luck.
    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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    Don't get me wrong. The 600's cool - a merger of an average PDA and an average phone. Having the one device was cool for a while, but I found myself giving up quite a few things from my old cell phone and Tunsten T combo.

    Phone side - no SMS. Speakerphone's ok, nothing phenomenal. Form factor's a tad big, unless you've got a handy pocket.

    As an MP3 player, it does ok - but my iPod won out in the long run. It was just too much of a hassle to switch albums back and forth. Much more convenient to just grab the iPod - so I wound up toting two devices, anyway.

    As a PDA, it functions well, but I found myself missing the high res screen on Bejeweled and other applications. Not to mention, the speed wasn't nearly the same- the Tungsten's a lot faster.

    No serious problems, it worked well, but I found it to be a bit lacking, for my personal tastes. I think the Treo will ultimately evolve into the ultimate all-in-one device, but for the time being I think a phone and PDA combo is still the best way to go.

    Good luck, whichever way you decide to go. The Treo's a great device, if it fits your needs. Just do a bit of homework and make sure it does.
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    I'd buy it again
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    everyone here seems to be missing the point. If you are looking for the best phone, this isn't it. If you are looking for the best PDA, this isn't it. If you are looking for the best MP3 player, again, this isn't it.

    What the 600 is, is the best implementation of a converged PDA/PHONE with keyboard to date. Period.

    I gave up a ux50 and nokia bluetooth phone combo to get the treo 600. the low res screen compared to 480x320 is definitely a disappointment, but I have ONE DEVICE that worked flawlessly right out of the box...

    I would buy another one in the blink of an eye. If they release a higher res version in the near future, I'll buy one of those, too...
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    Here's what I've learned from reading this thread:

    Expectations. Everyone has different ones, and we judge the Treo based on them. I waited for the GSM/GPRS Treo through Cingular and my SMS works. It did everything it was supposed to do out of the box, and had enough software available for it to make it do so much more afterwards.

    Gadget Freaks. Want an MP3 player, carry an Ipod. Want the best Palm device, Tungsten. Want the best Pocket PC, join the Pocket PC forum. Want the best phone, <insert your favorite super phone here>. Don't want to carry all these devices at once, but compromise on not carrying the best, Treo 600.

    The uber-gadget. Hi-res screen, 900 megs of ram, a 3000 gig hard drive, blue tooth, wifi, cell phone, battery life measured in years, and all this packed into something the size of half a deck of cards, yet still big enough to type on, and not give you brain cancer from all the radio waves.

    I hope I see it in my lifetime.
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    Great gadget to use for:

    Phone with picture and music ID and speakerphone
    Instant messaging with Yahoo, aol and MSN (with verichat)
    Pda with Avantgo, flight schedules (AA, Co), memo, word docs, etc
    Mp3 player
    Camera with picture sharing
    Audible to listen to books
    Schedule ( my office updates it on Yahoo for Sync)
    Address book
    Medical references ( epocrates, Avantgo channels)
    E-mail with attachments (Snappermail)
    Internet access
    Internet comission prices for stock transactions (half price)
    Games (casino, bowl, etc)
    Directory Assist
    Clock with alarm
    Unlimited access to information anytime, anywhere.
    Modem for laptop
    And many others.
    Of course after more than $150 in software added.

    All in one device = one charger

    Can it be better? It will be, like everything else, 6 months after I bought it.
    Hopefully it will include a High res screen, more memory and faster procesor for larger SD cards, voice recorder and better camera.
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    This phone/pda is NOT a super computer. One can't expect it to perform or outshine your home PC. IMHO, this is a pretty snazzy device. My ONLY complaint has been the massive amount of dropped calls; hopefully the issue is something on SPCS's end and not the phone itself.
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    I absolutely 100% would buy again. I get so much enjoyment out of this device every day and it's still amazing me after 3 months.
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    Originally posted by kenn
    everyone here seems to be missing the point. If you are looking for the best phone, this isn't it. If you are looking for the best PDA, this isn't it. If you are looking for the best MP3 player, again, this isn't it.

    What the 600 is, is the best implementation of a converged PDA/PHONE with keyboard to date. Period.

    I would buy another one in the blink of an eye. If they release a higher res version in the near future, I'll buy one of those, too...
    Hell Yeah!

    I paid full price for mine and it was worth every penny. When a new version comes out, I will do it again and I won't reget it at all.
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    If I didn't already have one then yes, Yes, YES.

    All the whiners are complaining about things they knew about before they bought the phone.

    SMS? The phone does SMS. Sprint may not but don't slam the phone on this one. It actually has the best built-in SMS implimentation of any other phone currently on the market.

    Low screen resolution? First consider battery life. I have a coworker who switched from a PocketPCphone to the Treo 600. He was worried about the lower screen resolution. What won him over was the battery life. On his old PocketPC phone he could browse the Internet for maybe 1 hour before the thing ran out of juice. Not so on his Treo. Higher screen resolution means shorter battery life. So to you naysayers complaining about the screen resolution find a higher resolution phone that lets you browse the net for more than 2 hours on one charge and then MAYBE you have something to complain about.

    Camera? I've read alot about the alleged crappy camera. However I have compared it to camera phones from LG and Samsung and it meets or exceeds their capabilities.

    I liked this phone so much I got one for my daughter, and I will be giving my wife mine when the next version comes out.
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