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    If you have enough free memory space, try this for fun

    Moose is the talking moose application with speech synthesis engine.
    If you check the background speech and long idle time setting, Moose
    speaks the current time on wakeup.
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    When using KGT 4.02 beta3{EN} on my Treo650 the KGT app functions correctly, but has an ugly side effect that it "corrupts" the first screen displayed upon startup. What I mean by corrupt, is all the graphics look fuzzy, like someone ran a bespeckle filter on them or something. If you go to a new app, or switch launcher screens everything clears to normal with the first screen redraw.

    Will there be an update for the 650 soon?


    P.S. the email address on the "About" page bounces back with "unknown user" error.
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    Dav - I have your latest version of KGT and have conflicts with CallFilter. Whenever I receive a call from a contact with whom I've built a CallFilter-rule, the pop-up screen from CallFilter seems to conflict with KGT popup and the call is dropped and my Treo crashes and resets. I've tested with CF on and off and with KGT on and off. Conflict occurs when both apps on only. I will also search and post on the CallFilter thread because I'm not sure which app/developer can bring about a fix.
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    I am having a problem on my Treo 650 with KeyGuard Time. The software seems to be working, but when I turn my device back on and unlock it, the screen resolution is very poor until I change applications. If I turn off KeyGuard Time, the problem goes away. I am using Version 4.02 beta 3 (EN)
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    Anybody know of another product that does this? It's annoying when you want to show someone how great the screen on the 650 is and when you turn the phone on it's all jagged.
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    Ok, I love this app. I have a 650 and i do have the problem of the weird screen res after the clock goes away until i do something . Hope that gets fixed at some point, but its the ability of people to come up with little apps like this that make the Palm OS so great to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    the way that I have it set is that keyguard is on "at power off". Additionally, my ClockPop delay is set to 21.

    So, I quickly push the memo button once, and the screen comes on with the keyguard message, then i press and hold the memo button for as long as I want to see the clock

    This is the way it works for me too. I am using both Keyguardtime and Clock POP. If Clock POP would work on the first press or Keyguardtime would allow me to have a solid background behind it's screen (instead of Transparent), I would not need both.

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    I appreciate the great work here, but I was personally looking for something a bit smaller, cleaner and light-weight. So I've written my own and posted it here:
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    Except you may have missed the point. Both KeyGuard and ClockPOP are clock programs that display the time. ClockPOP does it in a nice big font against a solid background while holding down one of the buttons. Makes it easy and quick to see. Only problem is that you have to push the button twice to get it to work with keyguard.

    Keyguard time displays the time right away but doesn't make it very easy to see as the screen is transparent. You can adjust the color of the fonts to make it a little easier but with all the background stuff it is still hard to read.

    I actually use both until one of them corrects (or adds) for the above things that I don't like. Both are excellent though.

    Robb Feldhege
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    You all might want to check out a new update to KeyguardTime, which fixes the screen resolution problem on the Treo 650, and some other minor issues. It appears that the original author has stopped maintaining it, and he's no longer reachable. So I've patched the existing program (rather extensively). I'm working on further enhancements so let me know if there are any issues. Works on Treo 600/650.

    Available from /
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    TMT, you Rock!
    Treo 750 / Cingular 3125
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    Any hires screens for the T650 and Keyguard Time? This is a super app but the resolution is kinda making it hard to read and looks just plain ugly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar
    You know another thing that bothers me is when I'm on the phone and someone asks me what time it is I have to switch from active call mode to dial pad to see the clock.

    It would be really nice if someone could come up with an app to display the clock when you're in an active call session.

    What do you guys think?

    I use AK Utils, a DA app. It gives time, date, battery and memory information in any app. Requires DA Launcher.
    -Hold menu button to launch command bar
    -Select my yellow DA button from command bar
    -When done, tap anywhere outside of DA.
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