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    I was excited to get a Treo 600 because of all the hype but have been let down. Beware as the TSprint Version of the Treo 600 is defective!

    I am on my 4th unit! Here are the problems I have had:

    1. Sound on the handset and microphone completely die forcing you to use the speaker phone portion only.

    2. The quality on the speaker phone is terrible! That too will eventually completely fail.

    3. The units frequently reset..and reset...and reset...

    4. When you call Sprint for support they let you know that they don't actually work on the phones. They simply send them back to Handspring. They only "verify" that a problem exists so that you can get a refurbished phone. When you call Handspring for support or to find out the "real story" they redirect you to Sprint who is supposed to "support" the units!

    I have had 4 phones! Initial purhase failed after about 3 weeks and was exchanged for a brand new unit. Then this unit failed and was sent it 2 times for "refurbished" units. I have received 2 refurbished units that were broken straight from the box! Don't they check these things? Only the speaker phone worked. The sound from the handset that you put to your ear was broken and the microphone that you speak into on a normal call did not work.

    Everyone is saying the units are in "such demand" and "hard to find." In Los Angeles, it is impossible to find a brand new unit and the stores have not received any new ones for weeks. My strong suspicion: We have a major defect here and rather than "recall" all of the units, let's wait until they come back since they will ALL eventuall fail. We will ship out the new ones once we figure out what is going on or redesign the units.

    I am going to absolutely return my unit and wait until all of the bugs are worked out. I did not pay $500 to become a Handspring beta tester and then have to pay for my cell service at $130 per month and not be able to make/receive calls because I have a broken phone.

    Bottom Line: Treo 600 is a great concept but it DOES NOT WORK. IT IS FULL OF MAJOR FLAWS. My extreme excitement of owning a Treo 600 quickly turned to extreme disappointment, loss of productivity, and a major time waster dealing with technical support issues!

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    I have had mine for almost two months now and have had no problems with it. I love it.
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    Thanks for helping me decide to sit out the T600. My T300 hinge broke and I think I'm gonna get a $79 SE T68i and an HBH-35 bluetooth headset.

    As for PDA, I'd really like a Tungsten C cause when my boss says "ok, the following needs to happen..." that's when I need speed from my handheld instead of an hourglass display.
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    Oh shut up! Go buy something else. Quit your whining. Nothing is perfect and you need to get over it. If you have real probelms those here can help you with, or an opinion about something, fine. We don't want to listen to doom and gloom. Who lives in a perfect world? I think volkswagons are crap but I don't go on a VW forum and go nuts. (just an analogy folks) Fans don't care what non fans think, even if they may be partly right.

    Why did I respond to this troll? Someone smack me.

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    I always love these kinds of threads where you're advised to see things a certain way based on the experience of one person.
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    I like cheese.
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    Yeah, seriously -- this thread is even annoying me ...and that's going quite a way.

    Sorry you haven't had a good Treo experience, guy. Look on the bright side -- at least it didn't blow your finger off. (Did it blow your finger off? I only ask because that would actually be funny.)
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    Originally posted by Woof

    Why did I respond to this troll? Someone smack me.

    Consider yourself smacked

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    Go buy a VM4500.......

    The Treo 600 is to advance for you. Go try somthing a little easier like PTT........
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    Originally posted by drw
    Thanks for helping me decide to sit out the T600. My T300 hinge broke and I think I'm gonna get a $79 SE T68i and an HBH-35 bluetooth headset.

    Nice reasoning there David... hold off on buying something that hundreds of people on this forum love and think is a GREAT product because of one person.

    Yep, makes perfect sense to me. So many people like the T600 that you can hardly find them in stock anywhere. But one person who is either cursed or is damaging their phones somehow crys about it and you're gonna hold off on your purchase. I hope you don't make all your decisions in life like that, based on 1 person's viewpoint.
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    This guy is..........LAME
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    Originally posted by njchris
    I like cheese.
    I like blue cheese - the more mold it has growing on it, the better
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    The Purples are back
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    Winking @ Woof....where would u like 2 b smacked?.....

    Anyway, to the original poster, u angry angry man. I bet u frighten children with that temper....shame on u!

    Now getting back to what you were saying, I once rec'd a replacement phone from SPCS, and it was broken. I called, they sent me another (cough) broken phone. Did I threaten any of the CSRs or call Samsung and demand they replace my n300 with a BMW instead; nope. I wonder if it is your bitter attitude that has got you waiting. (THINKING) you would scare dead people. See, its not hard to believe that getting a working phone has become a real P.I.T.A. for you; but dissin' the phone as badly as you did wont get your problem resolved any're probably sitting there right now looking like this ~~~~~>>
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    I bought the prism, treo 300, and now the treo 600 which I have had for over 2 months and have had no problems with any. The Treo 600 may be the best thing that I own. There is nothing else that is comparable. Buying something else, you are just kidding yourself.
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    Originally posted by KBD
    1. Sound on the handset and microphone completely die forcing you to use the speaker phone portion only.
    This exact fault just happened on my Orange GSM model. All it did was make me realise just how great (and indispensable) the Treo is- surviving 24 hrs waiting for my replacement was terrible
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    I'm the biggest Treo 600 fan out there, but I have to admit... KDB is *RIGHT*. I've done extensive testing of the T6's phone problems; we've discussed it at length and have taken a poll on another thread:

    The Treo 600 has a problem in the outgoing audio quality. It's OK in speakerphone mode, but used as a handset there are electro-acoustic coupling and/or signal path problems (per thread above). I've struggled to "get by" with this for two months, using a headset, speakerphone-mode, etc. but yesterday was the "last straw" for me, per my post on the other thread. I'm finally giving up on the Treo 600, for now (most regrettably!). I purchased a Tungsten T3 and am going back to a seperate cell phone - my old Sanyo 8100, which has no problems at all.

    Also, at least in the SF Bay Area, the Treo 600 misses more calls than my other Sprint phones - they go straight into voicemail, even in a "5" signal strength area, without ringing the phone. On some days this happens with up to a third of my incoming calls. I believe this has to do with the way the T6 registers itself in the Sprint network database.

    This is not to offend anyone or start a shooting match... just the engineering facts as I've observed / tested them with my unit! If they can fix these key problems with the T600's phone, I'd buy another one in the future, without hesistation.
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    Originally posted by clairegrrl

    Consider yourself smacked

    I'm going to regret this, but...

    YOU can smack me anytime!
    Bob Meyer
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