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    Got this email today:


    We're sending you this notification of availability because
    you asked us about Treo 600 support in Fun Cam, either to or through a merchant's feedback form.
    If you feel that it is not the case, we'd be happy to
    forward you the email that triggered this notification.

    Fun Cam 1.06 was just released and it includes Treo 600
    support for Photo Capture and infra-red triggering.

    It works on at least 3 firmware revisions.

    Next we'll try to add CallerID triggering (that's if the
    local cell network activates our testing phone).


    - you have to disable confirmations on Treo's "Picture"
    software or that dialog will block Fun Cam from working
    - IR range is pretty limited. Working angle is also
    narrow. At least with our testing unit.

    It can be downloaded from the following merchants:



    And, in a few hours, also from:



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    Very COOL, thanks for the tip!! AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $this$ $is$ $the$ $first$ $app$ $that$ $can$ $directly$ $control$ $the$ $Treo600$ $camera$!

    I'll report back on my impressions once I have a chance to check it out!
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    Really cool. Time-Lapse feature works really well.

    Shame the T600 camera/screen are so poxy - it actually doesn't do this application true justice.
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    nice little app... would be great if it could take background pics without being on the camera screen (leave it in the today screen or on wallpaper)

    would be even better if the stupid T600 cam didn't get that horrible blue pixellation in lower lighting after a few secs!

    (don't get me wrong - I love my Treo - I just think they could have done a better job on the cam)
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    I wish that the Treo 600 has the same camera setup as my Sony NR70V. That thing kick's ****! I would even live with going down to 320x200 pictures if the images were to come out as clear as they do on my NR70V.
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    This thing is freakin' cool!!

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