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    I have set up my Treo 600 with the same mail settings that my computers are using. I'm certain of the username, pw, pop server and smtp server. I can receive email on my Treo but can not send anything. I get an error about checking my settings. My settings are 100% correct. My ISP is Road Runner/Time Warner NYC. Anyone know of any issues?
    Thanks in advance.
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    You have to use d
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    previous post got cut off.
    you have to use Sprints smtp and password.
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    Originally posted by Bikeman
    previous post got cut off.
    you have to use Sprints smtp and password.
    Not so, or at least not always.

    On 2 separate Treo 600s I have 3 different email servers configured (5 email accounts). None of them are sprints.

    And what if it's a GSM phone the guy is talking about

    What email client are you using? If it's Handspring Mail make sure you have the "Advanced" tab set correctly where it says "For outgoing mail server". The configuration dialog for Handspring Mail is a little ... unique.
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    The SMTP server has to "allow" people to use it. Roadrunner's SMTP is restricted to accepting mail from users on their network. This means your phone won't work with it. This is done to prevent spam

    Some SMTP servers are totally open in that they take mail from anyone with no authorization, this is usually bad because they can be abused by spammers. Some use auth or other means to allow users from any network to use it.

    The summation is, you don't have to use your carrier's SMTP server, but if you are running into SMTP troubles, the carrier's SMTP server is usually a safe bet from your phone.
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    Yea, I'm sorry, did some checking in another part of this Forum and found my answer after I posted. Thanks...sorry for any inconvenience.

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