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    If i upgrade using a pc, will I still be able to hotsync perfectly on my mac?

    -anything I'll need to watch out for?

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    I doubt it.
    I just installed the update.
    I sync to Mac and PC, but I haven't gone home to my beloved Mac yet tonight.

    I'll let you know!

    PM me if you don't hear back from me.
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    I have a mac and virtual PC. I ran the updater in the virtual pc and while it was waiting for me to attach my Treo 600 it stored three files in the directory of your username(can't hotsync through virtual PC for some reason). I copied these three files and transfered them to my SD card ( I am sure you could hotsync the files as well to the treo from the mac) ...then I transfered the files to the palm...plugged in my Treo to the charger and did a soft restart. The updater ran without a problem. Now I have Software version 1.10 .... and no probs what so ever.

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    Want to update when get home, but can you e-mail the files to me by chance? I will even go so far as to post 'em on my server so other people can use 'em that have Macs like we do. Would be appreciated.

    Rey :)
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    we can attach files here, post 'em here maybe?
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    please read this entire page of the the other thread

    I used this Mac file from imageone...It worked perfectly.
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    Running Panther on a PB G4 and the files posted by imageone worked for me as well. A couple of hitches which are discussed in the thread noted above.
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    I updated on my work PC.
    Then went home and sync'd with my PB Panther, using Palm's HotSync 3.1 and ChronosNet's Personal Organizer (rather than Palm Desktop), and everything worked fine. I don't sync with iCal or AddressBook.

    The only glitch I had is that some programs got dumped and were not restored by my PC, even though they were in the Backup folder. Found them in my Archive folder and re-installed them with my PC. A few I overlooked I re-installed from my Mac's Backup folder. Only Chatter is giving me problems--orginally reinstalled individual db's, then misplaced. My fault, I'm sure, not Chatter's.

    I'd say to go for it.
    I'm happy to have SMS working and to to have what seems like some corrected reception problems. I fixed the Blazer ("Web") problems previously by trashing the corrupted files (as linked in TreoCentral to the Handspring website).

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