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    I would like someone to explain the SMS phenomenon to me.

    What is all the noise about?

    I do not quite get it
    The Toad
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    It's an instant text message without disruption, totally private, and without spending time on what could be a long phone call. Perfect for those times you only need a little information like a phone number, or to say you're running behind schedule.
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    The Toad
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    I live in Houston and still no SMS. Anyone know when Sprint plans on opening up SMS in Texas? I have been holding out on buying a third party app like verichat since I knew SMS was comming.

    Thanks for the info.
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    This is just a test.
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    Was told by a sprint CS rep that the national rollout has been bumped back to Feb 18th. We'll see.
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    So, seems that chat apps provide functionality similar to SMS.
    Of course I know the architecture is different. But is there any real diffrerence in usage?

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