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    I've been living with this problem for months, but I've finally decided to try to solve it.

    Basically, when I transferred my Tungsten T3 data over, I think the preference "stay on in cradle" came over to my Treo600. Although, I don't see this option in the Treo600 (and have the setting at "turn off after 1 minute"), it stays on all night if someone calls me at night and I have it plugged in and charging! It will NOT turn off when it's plugged in.

    I know I can solve this problem with a hard reset, and then manually installing my programs, but I was wondering if someone knew the specific file associated with this preference (saved preference?) that I could delete....
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    I am having the same problem, i switched over to a Treo 600 from a sony clie. Have you found a solution?

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    Try downloading onCradleon (it's free). Use it to set the Treo to stay ON in cradle, and then reset it to NOT stay on in cradle. Maybe this will override the setting that got imported from your older device.

    If it doesn't work, try setting it to ON, then doing a soft reset, and then set it to off. Or maybe ON, then OFF, then a soft reset.
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    thanks for the suggestion, but I had already tried that and it doesn't work.

    I fixed my Treo last night, but the hard way. Actually, it wasn't that hard.

    I basically performed a hard reset and then restored all my files with backupbuddy (from the sd card). When my Treo prompted me whether or not to overwrite the saved preferences, I said, "NO."

    So you lose some registration info on some programs, but once you re-enter them, your Treo is healthy again! It turns off now even when plugged in.
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    Is it harmful if your Treo doesn't turn off? How do you do a hard reset? I also have backup buddy, did you lose all your saved preferences from programs too?

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    Leaving the treo screen on for a long time could have some effects after a while....the screen, while I'm sure lasts a very long time, does not last forever. Personally, I wouldn't want to have the screen on when I don't *need* or *intend* for it to be on...know what I mean? There's just no reason for it!

    I used backupbuddy to backup my Treo to the SD card.

    When I was restoring after the hard reset (you press the power button and hold it in while you push a pin in the reset hole on the back of the Treo...then let go of the power button a second or two later), I just didn't have backupbuddy restore my saved preferences.

    I did lose some registration info on some programs as a result, but I just re-entered the reg codes....

    Now my Treo turns off even when plugged in. (Like it should)

    Remember, though...after you restore using the sd card, set your hotsync custom options to "handheld overwrites desktop" just to be sure....
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    When I did the hard reset I lost all of my todo's, I am using Iambic's Agendus program. So I decided to hot sync my settings back. Any other suggestions?
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    Hmm... I think if you're using a third party program, backupbuddy should have gotten it. When you back up using backupbuddy (to the sd card), didn't this get backed up? I'm not sure where it stores its data, but probably NOT in the saved prefs. I would think it either uses the built-in to do's database or creates another database of its own.

    sorry, I'm not familiar with Agendus....

    Other than that, did it work ok?

    I think that you should try to restore from the sd (individual programs) before you try the restore via hotsync.
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    Thanks for your replies. After the hard reset I restore the programs and data from BackUp Buddy. It asks if I wants to overwrite the files on some programs, also if I want to overwrite, saved preferences and unsaved preferences, I am not sure what to check, (no, yes, or yes to all)

    I tried this several times it seemed to work once then I hot synced with handheld overwrites desktop for all the conduits, which seemed to keep the settings. Then I did another hot sync with the default settings and the problem started again.

    Any help would be appreciated ,

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    You DON'T restore your saved preferences. You keep the 'newer' version, which should be the one on the handheld (newly created after the hard reset).

    In summary, this is what worked for me:
    1) Perform a complete backup to your sd card with backupbuddy or other utility.
    2) Perform a hard reset (or install the update...actually, this is a good time to install the update, since it erases the ram and then restores it anyway...)
    3) When you restore your files (one by one), you can pretty much restore everything from the card except the saved preferences. I'm guessing that the pref that keeps the Treo on while charging is in the saved prefs. So, when prompted during the restore, you want to NOT restore the saved prefs from the sd card.

    So when you hotsync after restoring the files from the sd, remember to have the palm overwrite the don't want the saved prefs on the desktop to go back onto the palm. After this hotsync, you can probably set the conduits back to 'synchronize files.'

    Since the problem occured again for you after you put the settings back to 'synchronize files,' you may want to delete the backup files on your C drive on your desktop. Then, when you hotsync, with the 'handheld overwrites desktop,' you'll have a clean backup.

    I know this is frustrating, but keep at it. You'll have a 'healthy' palm sooon, and you'll never have to worry about this problem again.
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    Thanks for the help.. where would the backup files on my C drive be and what what are the names of the files?


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    Since you used to have a Sony, I would look under Program Files, Sony Handheld, and then there should be a folder with your last name followed by first initial. For example, if your name is JeffKerry, and your hotsync id is jeffkerry, then the folder name should be something like KerryJ.

    Open that folder up and there should be a folder called Backup.

    Just to be safe, copy the folder and rename it something else, like Backup_02-02-04 or something....

    Then, delete everything in this folder. Or maybe first you can just try deleting the saved preferences file.

    On your next hotsync, be sure to put everything to "handheld overwrites desktop."

    Hope this works for you.
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    Thank you

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