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    Has anyone else had difficulty typing two zero's in a row? how agrivating that it won't do it without using the option key. Otherwise when I am typing 'Treo600' I get 'Treo6%%0'. It's frustrating. Anyone figure this one out? It's because the Alt key is the '0'. UGH!

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    I use double-press for the alternate characters (numbers, symbols) and two quick double presses of the 0 key finishes off my "Treo600" just fine. Try that setup and see if it works this way for you. Also, be sure that you have the latest version.

    Any luck with SMS in SF yet?
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    I second that - make sure you have the newest version, 0.7, I believe. I had the same problem until I updated the software.
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    How do you keep a number like "30" from giving you the special character for a 3?

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