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    I'm trying to decide on the most complete software solution for file and media management for the Treo 600 (I'm currently still using a 180 but plan on upgrading as soon as T-mobile is available). I'm looking for a program, or combination of programs, to best suit my needs for the least price.

    I've read a lot about ZLauncher and so far it sounds like it will do most of what I'm looking for. I need comfirmation on the following:

    1. I assume I am correct in thinking that it does the same thing as PowerRun or TealAlias?

    2. Does it also do all the same stuff as FileZ?

    Just wondering so that I don't have two or three programs taking up space if one does it all. Please be specific on any ZLauncher functionality that deviates from the different programs above in terms of file management.

    3. I assume I'd need a separate program for handling unknown file types and associations, such as Media Manager. The only other I know of is ReceiveIt, and so far MM looks like the better choice. Anyone? And I don't mean SnapperMail.

    4. I also assume I'd need a separate program for handling zip files. I know of LightNZip. Any other suggestions? Is HandZipper any good?

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    Yeah, you don't need PowerRun or TealAlias if you have Zlauncher, it does the same thing. However, it still do have FileZ on my Treo just b/c I like the app and interface. The one major advantage of having these other apps is if you want to access these feature while NOT using Zlauncher. For example, you can only use the Zlauncher file manager while using Zlauncher etc. Also, the Zlauncher doesn't launch apps from the card correctly when not in the Zlauncher shell (it doesn't move the app back to the card properly from my experience). Also I've experienced the PowerRun works better with certain apps like QuickOffice than Zlauncher (PowerRun successfully was able to move all the assoc DB's while Zlauncher would not). However all in all, Zlauncher is a great app and more than successfully fills the funcitonality of all these other apps.

    As far as unknown file types, I agree toysoft's Media manager seems the way to...
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    Thanks for the info. I suppose I'll get FileZ in addition to ZLauncher since it's free anyway, but I don't know about PowerRun since it seems a little redundant. I guess I'll have to wait until I get my unit to see if ZLauncher fulfills all my needs well enough to use it on its own.

    I guess there's no freeware alternative to media manager? It really seems like a pain to have to buy another program just to be able to handle unknown file types.

    Anybody care to comment on the zip program question?
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    hmm...guess I should have posted this in the hardware forum instead of where it belonged

    I'll try again though... anybody have any info on a program like media manager, or suggestions for zip programs? (preferably any free alternatives since I'm already going to be paying for ZLauncher)

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