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    We've completely optimized our application, MyWeek, for stylus-free operation using the Treo 600 navigation buttons.

    If you're looking for an application that will allow you to easily view, edit, and color-code your Date Book and To Do List items, MyWeek might be what you're looking for!

    A free trial download is available at our website:

    NJ Software
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    Interesting app. However, other than the 5-way support, how is thsi app different from MonthlyPlanner if I may ask? TIA...
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    MyWeek is a weekly view that allows you to see an entire week of items at a glance, without having to open extra windows. Although we haven't used the other application personally, from reading the description, it serves a different purpose, giving a monthly view that doesn't show the text of the items. The best way to see the difference would be to download a trial version of MyWeek and test it out.

    NJ Software

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