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    i haven't yet used any sd cards with my treo 600. i have seen on these boards that people had problems with sandisk cards? has this been resolved? are there some sd cards that work better with the treo? i am interested in backing uo my data, moving photos from the treo to the sd card and then deleting them from the treo itself (anyone doing this with no problems?), finally i want to install a video player like kinoma and put movie/tv shows on the sd card and see them on the treo.
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    Well I've used both Panasonic, and SanDisk SD cards with no problems.

    The first card I got was a 64 meg Panasonic from WalMart.
    It works just fine, but while reading the forums here I discovered that there are also "Faster" SD cards out there.

    I now have a 256 meg SanDisk Ultra 2 SD card, and it's much faster than the Panasonic. It did cost abit more though.

    I haven't had any issues with either card, and I've got Pics, mpgs, e-books, and games on it. as well as a complete backup of the Treo's internal memory.

    Hope this helps!
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    I have a 512 mb Kingston card which appears to be a rebranded Toshiba card. It loses connection with my Treo constantly and I have to remove it and reinsert it to be recognized again. Kingston didn't reply to my tech support request. I can't use anything that relies on the SD card being there because I get a crash when it tries to access the card. DO NOT GET ONE!

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    no kingstons....ok
    see this is the thing: some people have had problems with sandisk and others not. it is bizzare. near my home they only sell sandisk at the local staples...i guess i gotta take the plunge and just go buy one and try it.
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    I have been using the 256M Sandisk for a little over 2 months. So far not one problem.
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    I've had two SanDisk cards. The first one repeatedly "disappeared", and I had to remove and re-insert it to get it recognized again.

    The second one I formatted using the Treo Card Utility the first time I inserted it. After a couple of days, it seems to be fine.

    So whatever card you end up with, I'd suggest formatting it before first use. And you should probably buy it from someone with a good return policy. Circuit City's web site had, yesterday, a really great deal on a Sandisk 512MB card. $129 after rebate, I think.
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    I had to repeatedly reformat my 256meg SanDisk card when adding .mp3's.
    I purchased a SimpleTech (Panasonic) after reading some favorable reviews, and I've been a happy camper since :-)
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    I have a SanDisk Ultra 2 512meg card. It works great, the speed it fantastic. I have had no problems with the card not being seen or unmounting. I use it with mp3's, pics, and applications. (It is really nice to be able to use your treo to d/l a patch off the internet onto your SD card, take the card out of the treo and put it in a usb card reader and transfer the file onto a computer without internet access.)

    The SanDisk Ultra 2 cards seem to get the best VFSMark results as well.

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    I have a 256mg FujiFilm SD card. I have never had any problems with it. Unfortunately, It's the only card I've used, so I can't compare it's speed, but it seems fast to me. I have all my pictures and Kinoma movies on it, and I am very happy with it's performance.
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    I've been using simpletech sd cards ever since I had a Dell Axim X5 which was very finicky about sd cards.

    Never had a problem with the treo and Simpletech's are loved on the aximsite.

    You can pick em up cheap at Sam's Club
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    well, I bought a sandisk 512 and it had bd sectors. Replaced it at the same store and it too had bad sectors. I decided to RMA the new card to sandisk and the replacement is working beautifully.

    I think there must have been a bad batch of cards recently, but the one I have now works great.

    the only thing that might be odd is that the sandisk sticks out a bit further thab most would like so you might want to file it down to smooth out the appearance.. I was still able to RMA the second card in spite of filing and coloring it.
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    Sorry! Double post.
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    I bought Two 512mb Sandisk cards on eBay and both have developed bad sectors. How and with whom do I go about trying to get my cards replaced under warranty. The Sandisk site says they require a proof of purchase, which I don't have, so what do I do and can Sandisk really legally deny me warranty for this reason? After all regardless of who bought the product or from where, Sandisk cannot deny having manufactured the card.
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    they probably can deny you warrenty return. . . but I've never been denied an RMA in my life even on hardware that's out of warrenty.

    all you have to do is find their number, call them up, say it's broken, they'll give you the 5th degree on what's wrong with it and then after all options are exhausted they'll give you a RMA number. sandisk is the first place that asked where I bought it from, but they didn't care about the reciept.
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