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    The biggest advantage I can see the cradle has over the sync/recharge cable is that the cradle provides an upright, stable platform while the cable just leaves the phone to slide around on your desk. If you leave your phone in a case, then the cradle is not an option for you.

    What I want is a stand that will allow me to sit the phone upright on my desk and still use the phone/pda functions while it charges using the cable. I want this to work with the phone still in the case. Anyone seen such a product?

    Ideally, it would have a belt clip or attachment at the back so I could secure the phone on the stand like I would on my belt, or perhaps pegs for the phone to rest on for those without belt clips. It would be sturdy enough to press the buttons without it sliding around on my desk. And it would have enough clearance that I could attach/remove the cable from the bottom of the unit while still in the stand.

    Is such a product out there? Maybe I'm the only one who wants such a thing.
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    How about performing surgery on a universal mount kit for a car. If your desk is smooth enough you could use a windshield mount w/ a suction cup?
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    On the left side of the screen, select Handspring, then Treo 600 in the search dialog. This will actually sit on a desk and hold the Treo fine, but not with enough clearance for the cord/connector. But if you took this and mounted it to some sort of base that held it higher off the desk, it should do exactly what you want.

    I've attached a photo from their web site.
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    I was thinking of this.

    It should allow you to keep it in a slip or phone holster.
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    Originally posted by olavf
    I was thinking of this.

    It should allow you to keep it in a slip or phone holster.
    Hmm... that might just work, and i can get it with a 14'' gooseneck which should give me enough clearance for the cable.

    Thanks, guys.
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    How about this case ---> Nite-Ize
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    Originally posted by JHETZEL
    How about this case ---> Nite-Ize
    While certainly functional, I'd prefer something with a little more style.
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    I found a simple answer.

    I have a Piel Frama case with the belt clip. With the clip off, I set the whole thing down on the standard cradle, with the button for the clip resting on the top of the cradle. I let the flip part of the case rest on the desk behind.

    This holds it at a convenient angle and leaves room underneath for the charger/hotsync cable. Admittedly, I have to set it on the forward edge of the desk because the cable won't make a sharp bend, but that's where I want it anyway.

    There's also ample room for plugging in a headset. I use the "unleash" regularly.

    If this isn't stable enough one could make some kind of dip in the top edge of the cradle to center the Treo but I find it unnecessary.
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    If you clip the BlueTrek bluetooth dongle to the back of a Krusell form fit case or the original Handspring slip cover case , the Treo can stand upright!
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    How about this case ---> Nite-Ize
    While certainly functional, I'd prefer something with a little more style.
    UGHHHHHHH!! This is the tackiest case I have ever seen in my life. I'm sure it has a purpose, but I wouldnt want to own anything that crappy looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcBody
    Do these designs serve your purpose and appeal to you?
    Very Interesting! Are you going to offer these by chance?
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    I would suggest a cradle that's similar to those being offered for the iPod - one that the 600 can sit in, and have the following functions built-in:

    - charge
    - hot sync
    - speaker - both phone AND music. And good speakers, not something cheesy like the ones that work with lighter adapters, those little 2" ones.
    - ability to plug in an earbud/headphone for more-private phone conversations

    Basically I want a console that has all those items built-in, so that I don't have to plug in a bunch of cables to the bottom of the Treo. Right now I have a HotSycn cradle, which I like and use a lot. But - I also use my Treo for just about all my phone calls (both in and out going), and it's a pain to remove it from the cradle each time. Yes, I can use the built-in spkrphn, but the mic is somewhat muffled while on the cradle.
    So - I end up using an earbud, or my Seidio- 2-in-1, and I have to take it off the cradle for those.
    I also use my 600 to listen to music during the day, with a Radio Shack adapter and a pair of line-powered little Sony speakers. I can also make and take calls when the 600 is connected this way. Very handy.
    So - my goal is to be able to set the 600 in some sort of console thing (Nokia has one for some of their models) and have all these functions working without the cable jungle I have now.
    Make sense? Am I alone in this?
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    I agree that a cradle needs the ability to plug in a headset. I could live without a speaker if that existed because you could always plug external ones in (with the adapter to fool it into having headphones).

    My old Treo 270 cradle works until a cradle like this comes out.
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    Just found this while looking around:
    Nokia Multimedia Desk Cradle
    Something like that which also had a USB cable to connect to a PC would be great.
    Just my 2 cents!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    yes - that Nokia (thanks for the link) is EXACTLY what I was talking about, and what I think should be developed for the 600. Our Treos are such powerful and multi-media machines, that it just makes sense to have a single console to set it in, and then be done with it. Music, speaker, charge, HotSync - all in one. Maybe even a repeater or stronger antenna for those who need that. Just like the iPod folks do with music, I'd like the Treo to be the center of all my communications, and that console will help.
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    I've been looking for a stand for quite some time now, however all I want is a regular cellphone desktop holder with enough clearance for all the connections (USB cable, headphones). I don't want it to actually be a cradle or do anything beyond just hold the phone. Kinda like those little cellphone chairs you can get for your desk for like $1. The only problem is none of them are up high enough or have space to be able to plug in the cable. I've been contemplating just disecting a hands-free car kit since I haven't been able to find something decent so far, but that would be unecessarily expensive.

    Looking on eBay though, I could just fork over the cash for an OEM cradle... plenty seem to be going for about $15 or so. Oh well, that might be easiest and best bet cost wise....
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    Nah, pencils would be too unstable. Actually I tried using something similar already... I have one of those posable wooden figures used for drawing people. Unfrotunately, the limbs aren't stiff enough... the weight of the treo would push the arms around, and the legs didn't fold up high enough to be a 90 degree angle. I considered bending a wire coat hanger, but it turns out all I have in my house is plastic ones

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