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    I agree with all you have said Derek, except for the quality issue. I just bought a Vaja Ivod case for my Ipod and couldn't be happier. However, for all of us who had ordered the basic Ivolution case for the Treo in December, when it was first announced, the fact that they still don't have their case is ridiculous.

    I mean, a number of you said that you ordered custom cases in January and received them within ten days. Meanwhile, people who ordered the cases that were supposed to be the standard case are waiting.

    Sure, if you email Vaja, they email you back, but not with any definite answer. "We are having production problems and apologize" doesn't seem to cut it, when Architect is on here with her perfectly nice Orange and Blue case singing its praises :-D .

    The price meant nothing either, since we all knew what we signed up for when we ordered.

    What does it come down to? For me, a good product and customer service. Vaja has the product down to a science. The Customer Service could stand to be improved. Just based on that, I canceled my order, even though I envy those of you with the case. Had Vaja said, "we will make you a custom case to make up for waiting", hell yeah. Had they said "your case will be ready on this date, and we apologize", I would have been happy (unless the date was months from now).

    As it was, I got neither. Will I come back to Vaja at a later date? Maybe, if I read great things about them again. Today, they lost a customer.

    Thanks for listening guys. We gripe, we praise, but we shouldn't attack each other for opinions.
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    Originally posted by derek985
    You know what?

    I've spent a lot of time and money on this site for the benefit of the Treo community. I'm tired of this. I ask for some constructive collaboration and I get personal attacks.

    In fact, I'm so tired of it I've decided to close Treo 600 Essentials.

    Goodbye. Go kick someone else around.

    think I'm a bit confused here too... where were you personally attacked? everyone here was just responding to your initial request:
    "My concern is that my impression of Vaja and the I-Volution case does not reflect that of the general user community - so I'm asking for your feedback. Am I alone with my opinion?"

    we are the general user community, and many of us find your site very useful and informative. we were merely trying to point out aspects of the case that maybe you hadn't considered (since different people look for different things in their cases, and use them in different ways) so that you could write an objective review.

    The only things I could see as attacks were all said after you made the announcement above.
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    I'll say it again, this thread was not the only reason for my decision - and I'll also say again I can't believe that it's so difficult for people to see how they were being rude.
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    I've never been a part of a forum group where there hasn't been flaming. Back to the topic at hand, I just wrote the following in another thread...
    "Received my Piel Frama case today. Really nice & after seeing the Vaja, I'm glad I got the Piel Frama. However, the pain about the Piel Frama is when you use the phone the 'flap' flops around. The flap for me is essential because of the fragil screen. ..."

    So, Derek I would go through with the review stating what another poster each their own, you either want the screen protection or not.

    I'll say this, I dropped my Treo and the screen broke. I was not using any protective cover. If I was using the Piel Frama, I am almost certain that it would not have been damaged. After reviewing the 11 pixs another member posted of her Vaja, there is no doubt in my mind the screen would have broke with a Vaja case.

    We are walking around with essentially an open laptop screen, my opinion is it has to be covered for protection.

    Thanks Derek and thanks to all the flamers, you both are the reason I visit these sites!
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    Originally posted by derek985
    I'll say it again, this thread was not the only reason for my decision - and I'll also say again I can't believe that it's so difficult for people to see how they were being rude.
    Derek, I didn't see anything in the first bunch of posts (up until your "You know what?" post) that was rude. Respectfully disagreeing, yes, but not rude, IMHO.

    I'm sorry you're closing T6essentials -- I've enjoyed your site. I'm also sorry that you're fed up with this stuff today, but it seemed to me that, at your request, folks were pointing out the things they liked about the Vaja, and that they have different criteria for evaluating a case than you. I certainly appreciate you asking folks what their opinions of the case was, but when you do that, you have to expect that people will be judging it differently than you do.

    I didn't see anything that seemed rude, and it's my impression from doing lots of lurking around here that you are indeed respected and appreciated, and gosh darn it, people like you. I know the last thing you want to hear is "relax", but hey, if it were me, at this point I'd take the night off, have a dry martini, or a doob, or a massage (or all three), and write the day off.

    Hope to see you back soon -- less upset and with the same enthusiasm you ahd when starting T600essentials.

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    There isn't a smiley for a hug, but as someone's Mother, I'm sending you one!

    I often think the boards are full of creatine-chugging male neanderthals just looking for their next road-rage fix! But, I'm a 45-year-old white woman with a PhD in statistics, blonde hair, a golf jones and disposable income, so what do I know about them? I like reading them flame each other, it is like a gladiator peep show!!! And, hey, I'm married to the poster boy for road-rage.

    Don't think because people want to make their own views heard (and there are darn few gals, for instance, on the boards), that they don't hear yours. And, if they don't, or dish yours, then (insert typical male choice of an anatomical action verb here) 'em.

    I do think, that after reading my, and others, glowing reviews of the Vaja IVO's, that you shouldn't have been surprised. After all, people who spend $125 for non-refundable pieces of $10 leather (you can get real cheap in Argentina) can not afford to admit that they made a bad purchase decision! (Not that we did)

    But buying from Vaja is alot like buying from Nieman Marcus - they act like they are doing you a favor just to let you get in line....Same as when we were angling to get our Treos!
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    Originally posted by Architect
    I often think the boards are full of creatine-chugging male neanderthals just looking for their next road-rage fix!
    lol Architect... what other boards have you been hanging out at? I used to think that people that participated in forums like this one were just a bunch of gadget geeks. But over the years I have learned that there is much more diversity than I ever would've thought

    @ Derek: Having reviewed all of the evidence (that I can find) I think you're reacting a bit too emotionally. I thought the responses (in this thread) were pretty constructive. At worst some people expressed strong opinions... which you should not take as a personal attack. If I was in your position I would've welcomed all of the comments that I've read here.
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    Originally posted by derek985
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