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    I am pulling my hair our

    Does anyone know of a way to use hotmail on the Treo600 otherthan getting texted 200chars at a time of a mail through mobile msn?

    I cannot use blazer as the send button does not work now they have changed it.
    And web pro causes the handset to soft reset when you go to the site(all other sites so far are ok). It prompts a security alert about viewing the certificate, you click continue and then it soft resets.

    Anyone know of a way?
    I had thought about forwarding hotmail to my orange account I can access although there is no way I can set up rules on hotmail.


    thanks in advance

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    does hotmail have a PAY pop3 service?
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    I connect through my Hotmail and Yahoo using Blazer. No need to setup POP3.
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    are you using the URL

    Try that one. works great for me and I can see the email no matter how long it is.

    All so do a search for "hotmail" on this message board. There are a bunch of Hotmail posts that you can persue and get some good info.

    Regards, Matt
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    Originally posted by steven975
    does hotmail have a PAY pop3 service?
    No it doesn't...just a service for extra storage.

    are you using the URL
    That link works great if you just want mobile access to hotmail via blazer. Another great workaround is to forward you hotmail to a free account and then use an IMAP compatible client like Chatter. This way you can actually have your hotmail pushed to your Treo instantaneiously. Search the forums for more info regarding this...
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    The other option is to use It will grab your hotmail, yahoo, etc. Just create a rule to forward that to any pop account you can access. Then you don't even need an IMAP compatible software like Chatter and just use the pop email software that already comes with the Treo!
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    one quick question-- when u use the email client, be it chatter or fusemail, does it act as text messages when u receive new emails?
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    I tried to do this but I must be doing something wrong. I find the rules menu in fuse mail kind of confusing. I selected all mail to go to my account that is now connected to my treo via the comcast pop server. can you elaborate on the specifics of the rule?
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    Try this:
    Go to
    Select Option 2. Email
    Select Option 3. Hotmail
    (recommend you bookmark at this poiint)
    Enter your hotmail account and password and hit the Sign In button.

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