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    i'm using outlook express, but will be moving to outlook... is it possible to get any type of simple email sync with the built in email program?

    If I can send/rec on the 600 and then plug it into my computer and press sync and have it delete anything I have deleted on the PDA, that would be great....

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    yes, please let me also know, I have the same problem.
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    Unfortunately, I'm quite confident in saying that no, the email inbox cannot synchronize with the Outlook inbox. The Documents To Go premium edition comes with an application called Inbox To Go that does exactly this however. They also sell Inbox To Go Wireless which is a standalone program that in addition to synchronizing with Outlook is a POP3 application on its own right.
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    i've used inbox to go wireless which is a great product, but you cannot configure it to automatically retrieve email.... it is a manual process only. If they would just add that feature, inbox to go wireless is a great program -- especially when used with docs to go...
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    You can sync up to 8 IMAP folders (asynchronously) with Chatter, if your mail host supports IMAP access.

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    Also checkout Chapura Keysuite...
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    I use Eudora Internet Suite to sync with Outlook. FREE!
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    Of course, with IMAP and Chatter you never need to connect to your PC and the sync'ing is automatic and nearly instantaneous.


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