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    I downloaded the trial version of Iambic TinySheet and installed it on my Treo 180 yesterday, but it plainly fails to sync on my device. The app itself works OK, but my unit freezes on HotSync when it gets to the TinySheet conduit. I have to kill the HotSync process and do a soft-reset, and I had to configure HotSync NOT to sync TinySheet in order to complete process.

    I tried this on a Win2000/Excel2000 and on a Win2000/ExcelXP machine, with the same results. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling TinySheet both on my desktop and on my handheld, but sync still freezes on the same spot every time.

    Iambic support tells me to reinstall Excel but I don't see why, since it has already NOT worked on two different versions of Excel. Besides, I reinstalled my home OS about a week ago.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is TinySheet not compatible with the Treo 180? Has it worked for anyone before?

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    Iambic support hasn't been much helpful. They've suggested "reinstalling excel" and "making sure i'm using the latest office updates/patches".

    Help anyone?

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