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    Just purchased a Bluetrek BT 1.2 unit with dongle for Treo 600.

    Wanted to start this thread to:

    1 - post my comments and review of this unit
    2 - get input from other users

    FYI - purchased for ~ 65.00 USD with dongle and accessories.
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    1 - post my comments and review of this unit
    FYI - purchased for ~ 65.00 USD with dongle and accessories.

    I am waiting, information will be valuable.

    any link to site??
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    can you post a pic of the donge so i can see the relationship of size of the treo?

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    I have not recieved it yet. I will post pics when I do.
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    Is there a website with info on this item?
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    Originally posted by jimmyk001
    Is there a website with info on this item?
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    SB - thanks for the link...but Pete..where are you getting it for 65 bucks?
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    I've used the Bluetrek for a while. It works pretty well, once you figure out it's ideosynchracies. Both Fry's and usually run specials on them...check out both. (Sometimes as much as $60 off list). The biggest drawback on it is that you can't charge it in the car while using. You have to unplug the dongle from the phone to plug it into the charger. BTW, make sure you get the one WITH the dongle, not without.
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    Originally posted by sbcrair
    BTW, make sure you get the one WITH the dongle, not without.
    Dongle...I presume that this is some sort of transmitting device that plugs into the phone?
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    Bought it from:

    Link for Bluetrek BT

    I am assuming that maybe in the next few months there will
    be a combo BT/Memory SD card coming out for Treo. In the meanwhile will use external unit.

    Dongle is transmitting device.
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    Has anyone heard of a release date for the Bluetrek G2? That looks like the ticket!
    Go Gators!
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    Recieved my Bluetrek BT today.

    Package (box) contents:

    - Attention sheet indicating that this is an UPGRADE version with up to 12 hours talk time (12 hours in HV3 / 9:30 hours in HV2 / 6 hours in HV1) and 350 hours standby. A recommendation that the Blue Trek BT headphone be charged for a period of 12 hours...

    - Bluetrek headset - earpiece diameter approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick. Along edge of headset you have:
    Top to bottom
    1 - dual color LED
    2 - button-1 - switch functions for
    on, pairing mode, take a call, volume up, end a call and switch off
    3 - button-2 - switch functions for
    take a call, volume down, end a call and switch off (with button-1)

    - auto 12- charger - labeled Universal plug-in charger
    Input :12/24V Output: 200- 550mAh
    Indicator LED on top of 12-charger
    cigarette lighter adaptor tip has a fuse and is easily replaced.
    RJ-11 6 pin female

    - an RJ-11 6 pin to X/32 earphone jack cable (separated into four sections) for plugging into phone headset/dongle.

    - 120v-200v AC (.15 amp) adaptor/charger/transformer (in) and 5.9 V 380mA (out) approximately 2.25 X 1.75 X 1.50" with one indicator LED. Cable out is a single to two charging cables (each with four sections X/32" earphone jacks)

    - leather (appears real) case for earphone - flap on top and front adhering to a velcro front. Belt clip and a holder ring on back.

    - dongle (model BT07) size is ~ 2.25" X 1.50" X .75" (1.5"X.75 is oval shaped with 1.5" as height) - single dual color LED on one side and a button (button's combo functions are:
    1 - on/off and
    2 - pairing / profile mode
    The other side of the dongle has a clip (belt)

    - 4 (four) cell phone to dongle cables (for Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Motorola phones)

    Charging right now. Testing tomorrow. If you have any specific questions please post them. For custom pictures give me some specifics what you are looking for (will take a picture of Treo next to both earphone and dongle). Pic posted is low res.
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    The Bluetrek G-2 now in stock at for only $79.99.

    The Bluetrek G-2 with universal adapter is only $99.99.

    Thank you,

    Bluetrek support team

    I ordered mine today. Scheduled to be here on 2/10. Will post comments then...
    Go Gators!
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    I dislike you, Just orderd the bt1.2 for 74.00, have been looking all around for the G2, I need to sharpen my search abilities, pls. post a feedback of G2 when you get it.
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    Noticed that no Treo 600 instructions came with unit. I am guessing that I need to be using the 3 sectioned dongle cable (not 4)? Appears to pair up ok and I can hear good but users do not hear me at all. Am I doing something wrong?

    I have been carrying on a dialog with support regarding the inability to have anyone hear me when speaking.

    I currently believe that it is a hardware issue as I have tested the unit on another Blue Tooth enabled phone with the same results.

    Meanwhile I ordered a second unit as it was reasonably priced at $33.99.

    Didn't post my source orginally 'cuz wanted to test BT before promoting it.

    Purchased it from:

    Ebay's link for $64 plus shipping. (I was the only bidder)

    Second unit was purchased from ECost @ 33.99 and free shipping.

    ECost currently has only 6 left if you are interested.
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    I bought a Bluetrek off Ebay.

    The charger they gave me is NOT UNIVERSAL - it says it is 100-240V on the sticker and in the Ebay auction ad , but when I plugged it in here in London (240V) it exploded and almost caused me injury!!!!!!!

    It is dangerous!!

    However, the headset and dongle does seem to work OK with the Treo 600. I had it working briefly before the charger exploded.

    Hopefully my headset survived the explosion -there's no visible damage.
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    Well folks:

    My Bluetrek G2 has arrived. It requires an initial 12 hour charge. My initial impressions are awesome. The dongle is really small, and the earpiece is solid. Great packaging and instructions. I am posting pictures and will write a brief review on usage tomorrow.
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    Pic of box, dongle, earpiece and dongle and dongle case...
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    Dongle with clip on back
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    Dongle case and T600 w/Piel Frama case...
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