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    Dongle looks too bulky compared to the jabra, also got the 1.2 but havent had a chance to open the package, at this moment the jabra is working fine, how is the g2 working with the signal.
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    Haven't had a chance to test the signal yet. It's still charging. I was under the impression the Jabra dongle was big. This one retailed for $99.00. How much was the Jabra?
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    Jabra was 101.00, BT was 74.00
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    The instructions suck! I'm trying to set up the pairing with no success!. My only complaint so far is I don't think the fit around the ear is that great. How does Jabra fit?
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    nice fit even though I wear glasses.
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    I have been trying to no avail to get this headset to pair with the dongle. I'm beyond frustrated. The documentation is beyond inadequate. Please help!!!
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    KC, sorry cant help you at all this g2 is new and I have no
    info regarding it
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    I think the dongles are the same. Did you have any problems pairing yours?
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    holy cow that is BIG, why not just ducktape the treo to your head it's cheaper and looks better.
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    Maybe I'm missing something. How big are the dongle on the other non-bluetooth headsets?
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    KCGator -

    It's very easy to program. Don't use the times (in secs) that are specified. Just watch the LED (red/green). It's much easier. For pairing on the BT Dongle hold down the button until you see a rapid sucession of red blinks. 2nd configuration. On the BT earphone hold the on button until you hear second musical tone.

    The dongle is larger than the non-BT one that I tried but not by much.
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    Sorry for not replying earlier, the dongle of the BT 1.2 is a lot more smaller tha the G2 but the jabra's dongle same size as the bt 1.2 but it is a bit better fit, charging the bt 1.2 takes longer due that u must charge each seperatly while the jabra u charge both the dongle and earpiece at the same time I like the jabra more than the 1.2 it is less noticeble and easy to put over the ear than the 1.2, at first with the 1.2 my ears were smoking red trying to fit it, overall I prefer the jabra.

    my 0.02 cents
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    Treo 6.5:

    I've read many posts about users complaining that the Jabra does not work properly with the T600. The posts have said that you can't answer the phone from the headset. Have you had this problem?
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    I dont know what to answer about other people not having good time with their jabra, thats why I bought the two to test an see which one worked better, in this case like I mentioned before the jabra works best, before I bought both I searched the treocentral for answers, in every post you see people happy about their ear set, unleash, jabraetc. at the end of the threads everyone was unhappy with their ear piece, didnt hear about the bt 1.2 I thought it was going to be better but it wasnt, if in a time the jabra starts to give me problems I'll just go back to my old HP ear plug.
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    Treo 6.5:

    Thanks for the help. I'm gonna order the Jabra. Have you had any complaints from people about you sounding far away? Is it the FreeSpeak model with the 2.5mm adaptor?

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    Lets put it this way, I bought my jabra/bt 1.2 to be used in my car/office in both instances I will not be 3 to 5 feet away from the treo, this same measurement goes if I use it in my belt, probably this other fellows tried to use it farther away in this case yes it will sound like if you are far away from the phone, this happened to me today, I thought I had the phone hooked up in my belt got out the car to buy a soda and my wife was having problems listening let say she started to complain about 20 feet away I herd her ok at that distance so Iwent back walking slowly to the car and she started to hear better around 10 feet, while driving is a diffrent story I hear very clear I received and made calls and at the end of the talk I asked the other end how was the sound while talking and everyone said the same it was clear, remember and I know you know this set is not a 2.4 GHZ wireless system, it's not even a real bluetooth, nothing is perfect, probably the others got a broken Jabra, I am happy I got a good working Jabra.
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    I am having problems with my Bluetrek earpiece and the Dongle. I believe that I paired the units as directed. When I used the MOT dongle cable (profile 1) as instructed on web site, it does not work!!!! Any thoughts??

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    Can you answer and end a call using the button on the jabra earpiece? That has been the main issue with the jabra. Did the 1.20 Sprint update correct the issue?
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    I'd like to get the G2 w/Dongle, where is the best/cheapest place to get it?
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