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    I am trying to change the name that appears on the Hotsync page in my treo 600. The problem is that I cannot perform a HS anymore since I lost all my data. I tried to create a new account in Palm desktop but it tells me that I have a "doubled name".

    Please help.
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    When you go to the Hotsync screen, what do you see? Does it show a box with Local and Modem? Do you also have a pull down for Cradle/Cable or other connections?

    The reason I ask is that I had a problem after a hard reset where all my connections were erased (Pref > Connections) and consequently I could not Hotsync. To resolve the problem I had to manuall add a Cradle/Cable connection and then I was able to Sync.
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    I use a usb cable and configured the cable. my pblm is only on the name.

    Thk u
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    Hello Sam
    Hard reset your treo and then sync. When asked, create a new account with a new name, anything will do will do as long as its a new name, eg FRED. When asked with what account to sync, use FRED and the whole thing will be back to its base state. Then using the explorer, copy address and datebook files into the FRED account folder that you will normally find under C:\programe files\handspring\. You'll see your original account with the name you gave it. Just take the address and datebook folder from there and then sync again.
    This will put you back to where you where with your major databases (you can do the same with todo and memo by copying as above). All other program files need to be reinstalled, games utilities etc.
    I used FRED as an exaple but you could use sam gab, sam_gab, sam-gab etc so long as its not the original name you used when you created your first account. When all is reset, you can then delete all other accounts except your newly created one. Hope this makes sense and good luck
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    Maybe this will help...
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    Hello again Sam. I bow to skillllllz knowledge. Its a lot simpler his way !
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    thanks a lot guys ! I made a hard reset and everything's fine now. I also downloaded the soft.


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