I am terribly sorry to say but the Tre0 600 for the Sprint version is terribly defective and buggy. I am VERY disappointed in the Treo 600 so far. Let me explain. I purchased a Treo 600 and it worked fine.....until the speaker phone died. I traded it in for new one....and then the ear piece and microphone died. I called Sprint and they sent me a "refurbished unit" and right out of the box...it was broken/defective. You can only use the speaker phone. No sound comes out of the built in ear piece and the microphone does not work. I called Sprint....they sent me a brand new "refurbished" unit. I activated my phone and bingo......same thing.....only the speaker phone works...no sound comes out of the built in ear piece and the microphone does not work! THIS IS A JOKE! Don't they check the "refurbished" phones at the factory to see if they work prior to sending them out????

I now have 3 broken Treos sitting on my desk--what a Treo! (no pun intended) because Sprint is too stupid to send a "return package" to send back the junkers! Interestingly.....in the Los Angeles area there are not any brand new Treo 600's available for sale in local stores or through Sprint Stores. Sprint claims that they are "out" and don't know when they will be getting them in. It seems to me that there is a massive recall/defect on at least the Sprint version and they aren't being sold/released until they work out the bugs. However, nobody knows anything. MUM is the word! When you call Handspring they tell you to deal with Sprint and when you call Sprint they tell you they don't fix the phones....they only send them back to Handspring.

The concept of a Treo 600 is great but the phone is full of bugs....broken speaker phone, broken ear phone, broken microphone, phone that resets....and resets...and resets..... Oh yeah, when it did "work" people complained that the sound quality was poor on their end. Well, the sound quality on the user end for both the speaker phone and actual built in ear piece was also pretty poor.

I am going to return my Treo 600 and wait until perhaps the next generation or until some serious updates/revised units are put out with an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from Handspring that there were problems and that they ARE now Fixed. Don't give me the garbage line that the phones are not available because they are in such "demand." They are not available because there is a problem and Handspring is not saying anything to do damage control! I am really not a complainer--I was DYING to get Treo 600 because I was so excited.....but this thing is going to literally kill me with all of the headache and disappointment. I hope that the Treo 600 works better on the other carriers!

I would love to hear from anyone else with a similar experience or some words of wisdome!