View Poll Results: Do you think HS/PalmOne owes us one ?

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  • Yes, and I would like a free T600 Upgrade

    15 37.50%
  • Yes, and I want a "fixed" 300 replacement

    3 7.50%
  • Yes, and I want my money back

    1 2.50%
  • No, everything is hunky dory and I'm happy

    21 52.50%
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    Originally posted by jegs2
    Heck, I'm still fuming that Timex stopped supporting their Timex Sinclair line in 1983.
    Ahh good times... Build your own computer.

    Oh for my $500 Commodore 64 and $400 floppy disk drive. I tried to take it back to the Sprint Store yesterday because it broke and I demanded a new iMAc, but those jerks wouldn't give me one

    Oh come on THAT was funny - stop rolling your eyes

    Originally posted by jegs2
    The first one had hardware (or software) problems that caused it to go into Network Search virtually all the time,
    Sounds suspiciously like the "red blinking light of death problem" from the 300. My Hitachi also exhibits this problem. Does it mainly start when you have gone indoors or into weak signal coverage? On the 300 the CDMA radio would get stuck in the "search" mode and only a power cycle and reset would clear it (and not all of the time).
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    I also got the 300 when it first came out and I most recently got the 600 on the 1st day it was released. My wife still uses my old 300 and the hinge finally broke and I don't exactly baby my toys. I've dropped it many times and it has been abused but it lasted about 16 months and have not had problems with it and have never had it replaced. I have the replacement insurance and am having a new or refurbished one sent to me and God willing, hopefully it will last another 16 months. I don't expect things I buy to last forever.

    I have seen people post about the hinge broke after 3 months and they say that they baby their 300. That's the biggest bunch of CRAP! There is always a "small" percentage of products that will have a defect from the factory but as John Stossel from 20/20 says: "Give me a Break"

    I don't think that HS/Palm owes me anything.
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    Here, Here

    My point is made by the results of this poll itself. Almost everyone voted that they should be given a free new 600, not insisting on a working 300. Hmmm... So much for making you whole. Looks like people with an irrational sense of entitlement looking for something for nothing.

    If you were really only concerned about the qulaity control of the 300 you would have voted for a 300 that works

    Only one lonely person voted for a working treo 300, and in my opinion, is the only person that deserves a free 600.
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    Jim...your sense of logic amazes me. What does rebate or anything else have to do with anything. Just because youreceive a promotion doesnt mean you should accept less. I am not complaining abot the battery,,,nor the flip...My first Treo the screen went bad...the second constantly crashed...So far my 3rd is running well....Thats all I want...And I expect Sprint and Handspring to live up to their promisses...I have been using palm devices since they came out.So I know what to expect.

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    I guess I should thank you for calling me amazing

    Kidding aside - and my final post for beating this dead horse...

    To me it sounds like you are being treated properly by Sprint. Your 300 broke and they replaced it. And to clarify one point - the rebate you received was for the service plan AND the phone combined, not just the service plan. That is why they have a schedule of rebates for all different types of phones. It also doesn't include any rebates provided by any re-seller.

    Let's substitute some other terms for treo 300 and treo 600. Let's say 128MB SD card and 256MB SD card, and Best Buy for Sprint

    I purchase 128 MB SD card from Best Buy for $200 ($500-$300 rebate), I purchase an extended warranty program

    One year later my 128 MB card breaks and Best Buy offers me another 128 MB card

    I object demanding either a $500 refund or a 256 MB card because that is now the card that costs $500

    If you were to "Sue" over something like this not only would you only be entitled to only $200, your $200 would be depriciated for the expected life cycle of the device. You might walk away with $100.

    What is really bothering me is the tone of this entire poll. People just don't want a working treo 300 (which is what they bought) they want a free upgrade to the newer model. The treo 300 was the greatest thing since sliced bread - until the 600 came out.

    That's Crap
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    I give up Jim
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