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    Will Samsung i700-i600 Stereo Headset Work with the Treo 600?

    See here

    You can order here

    I can't remember now if the Treo 600 needed:
    a 3 ring 4 barrel 2.5mm connector or
    a 2 ring 3 barrel 2.5mm connector.

    This looks cool though and I particularly like the hanging mic placement. Puts it at just about the exact location as that of the Treo 600.
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    Maybe this one (for Siemens SX56)?

    See here

    This one has a 3 ring 4 barrel 2.5mm connector.

    Order here

    I'm getting desperate and cannot continue waiting for Skullcandy. Which one should I try for the fullest functionality on my T600?
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    Originally posted by archie
    Which one should I try for the fullest functionality on my T600?
    I would say try the samsung. I tried one that resembled the Siemens (Used one for the nokia N-gage) and it did not work I have used a samsung brand headset with my T-600 and it worked fine. so My guess is that this one should work too!

    Please post feedback if you decide to buy and try!
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    Do not waste time/money.

    It will not work.
    (but then of course it DOES work partially if you are happy with that)

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