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    well, I had a HS T600 that wouldn't recharge. Thw tech at sprint store said it was my phone with a palmone refurb brand. Then testing the replacment it turns out that my charger was dead......

    Now my palmone branded phone has the crappy blueish tint pixelated, quality screen. Are there any palmone branded that have descent screens. Could be it is my refurb version. I will try using sprint cust care, pay for one new one to be deliverd and return old one (if they accept that my screen sucks) ... any one with experiance in this please respond...

    Also I bout my phone in best buy, do you think they will sell me insurance on a replaced phone 3 months after I purchased initial phone ?
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    I know that Best Buy will give you time (not sure how long) to decide if you want the protection but, the ESN from your original purchase is on your receipt. If perhaps, they didn't know your Treo is a replacement, they might.

    Initially, I went to Sprint to replace my Treo due to the network search problem. They sent me a refurb in the same serial number range as my failing Treo. Its screen was also pixelated and somewhat blueish. I couldn't accept that so I used my Best Buy 3 yr. replacement plan and within 15 minutes, I had a brand new Treo.

    Go to your dialpad and dial ##786 and it will show if your Treo is a refurb or not. Also, see if your ESN falls within this range: 09600716001 through 09600864216 and DO NOT accept one that does.

    Stand your ground, you should get a replacement.

    Good luck.
    Ibrahim B.

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    I had my 600 for one day and the first time I used my phone, they could hear me on the other end but I couldn't hear them. I took it back to sprint, and they gave me a new one. The guy said, sometimes it just happens. No problems since then.

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    Both my esn and the refurb are like you said i shouldn't have. What sould i do.

    HOw should i bring this up to sprint techi
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    First, you want to call Sprint and try to get to a tier-2 tech and explain the potential/soon-to-occur problem (network search) and mention this site and the threads. The ESN alone should warrant a replacement. Second, take your Treo (along with a copy of this thread with the numbers) and show it to the Sprint reps.

    Explain to them the situation and they should replace your Treo. Keep in mind that many reps will give you a canned response that, "It is Sprint PCS's policy to offer refurbished phones as replacements..." Be self-assured and stand your ground, even if it means calling the executive office. Hopefully, you could get a new Treo. When you get your new Treo, get the $4 insurance as it is worth it.
    Ibrahim B.

    Kyo PDQ - Kyo 6035 - Treo 300 - Treo 600 - Treo -650 (2) & now the Palm Pre. Will keep my BB World Phone Sprint
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    Asides for this post what other posts discuss about this issue. I will print this. Btw a tech at sprint cust service told me same story, print em out. heheh. any otther tips? Thnks dude.
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    twice for me... So far
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    Hi, I just replaced my first Treo 600. The screen would not come on, unless I pressed the side of the phone really hard. If I did not it would only show a blue color. Another thing was, that the touch screen no longer fuinctioned. I took it into BestBuy, I bought the service plan, and now I have a new one. I only have had the phone since the 14th. I did the ##786 thing, I do not have a refurb, but my ESN falls within that range, what should I do?

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    No replacements for me. Working flawlessly since February, on Sprint PCS.
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    Okay, I've just had Treo 600 number FOUR die on me, so I'll be on my fifth. This is ridiculous. Treo #1 refused to connect to the wireless network after a week. Treos 2, 3, AND 4 have each had the front speaker die. That's just . . . nuts. These are replacements sent by Palm service, not my provider (I'm with AT&T). Clearly it's time for another solution. Is your sense that the newer models lack these quality control problems? I thought the replacements were new, not refurbs, but maybe they're earlier generation models?
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    Two replacements. One from unable to connect to Vision. Two because of the "Network Searching" issue.

    Did I post here before?
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    Fifth is on it's way.

    Since October.


    Check earlier postings of mine and you will find a sorry tale. One that starts with passion and ardent love and disintegrates to despondency and deep frustration. I am more disapointed than I can say- such a drag. But as I sit here and literally watch my Treo turn itself off and on with every reminder from my calendar; as I think back on the dropped calls, the complaints of people not being able to hear me over the buzz, the shrill, ear-pearcing screech that I used to be greeted with most times I answered the phone, wel, let's just say it's hard to wax poetic for the Treo.
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    so far still on the 1st one, since nov last year....... just been upgrading the s/w as it's become available
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    This is actually my second unit but I had my first replaced before I realized that the screen shift to the left was a "feature"... They all have it!
    I'd rather be on my Bike!
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    I received my first warranty replacement on June 2 which was ordered through PalmOne about two weeks earlier. The replacement is a brand new PalmOne phone, with a manufacturing date on the cardboard protector of May 29.

    The new unit seems fine. No phone quality problems. The camera function is better, with no blue pixels even when the lens is blocked. I had upgraded to latest firmware on the old phone so I am sure this is more than just firmware.

    The only possible negative is that, although I haven't compared a new and old phone side by side, is that the white screen background may have a more bluish tint when the display is set to dim, but even if true is not really a negative for me. In any case, the camera function display is fine.

    My original phone was a handspring-branded phone purchased from PalmOne earlier this year. The phone buzz, which started intermittent, became worse.
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    I'm going for my 4th phone today, but I don't really count the last two because they were refurbished. I have the Network Search issue that was triggered on my original Sprint phone by the 1.20 update. After speaking to Tier 2 support several times, it's clear that the refurb process does not totally fix the problem. The phone I'm getting today is a NEW phone that is not in the affected range of ESNs. Yippee!!!
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    awaiting #7....speaker phone echo. I'm going to make them send replacements until it works or they admit the speaker phone has an inherent echo and offer some kind of compensation.
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