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    I down loaded it the 30 day demo and am enjoying it's ease of use.

    However, I noticed that 'Diddlebug' was supposed to be in the 30 day trial version that I downloaded.

    However, I can't find it.

    Any help as to where it is????


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    can't remember diddlebug being part of the deal

    but here's the link for the latest version

    it's freeware, enjoy!

    snappermail is excellent by the way
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    Thanks for the info..

    I downloaded it but the 'Read me' file is useless. However, I got a question.

    When hotsyncing to the treo do I hotsync the 'DIDDLEBUG' PRC AND the dbscHACK PRC together or only the 'DIDDLEBUG' PRC ONLY??

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    the hack file too (check which version you need) should be two options (for OS3-4 and another for OS5)

    as i remember the documentation is very clear...and precise good luck
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    DiddleBug Screen Capture hack - if memory serves me right, it relies on Graffiti strokes so may be redundant for the 600...

    If anyone knows different, I would be interested to hear from you.
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    If you'r going to use DiddleBug with SnapperMail you should probably get the version that comes with it. It seems to me there is an extra file that you need to have in order to use the two programs together.


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