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    I was wondering if anyone has an explanation for my problem or has encountered it. I have 2 pop accounts that I use with my T600. One is a Road Runner account that has been working flawlessly with uninterrupted service for the last couple of months. The other is my own domain account that is hosted by GoDaddy which was also working until about a week ago. In the past week, it has timed out EVERY time that I have tried connecting. I have had no problems connecting from any of my computers, just the Treo. I have Sprint and am using the BC software. Help!!!
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    tryatreo - On your second account that hasn't been working does it work from the WebMail interface of BC on your PC correctly? If not what is the error message posted there when you access the Inbox.

    If it does work on the WebMail l and not on the Treo then what is the error you get when you try to access it?
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    The WebMail interface on BC is working.

    I have been playing with this today and here is what I found out. I deleted both accounts using my Treo which also removed the accounts from my WebMail interface. I re-installed the GoDaddy account first, which wasn't working previously and it is now working on my Treo! When I re-installed my Road Runner account in the second spot, it now failed to work, giving me the same timeout error.

    I am not sure what has caused this change . The only thing that I changed in the last week is updating ACT! to enable the telephony feature.

    I can work around this issue, but I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

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    Good detective work... So it appears from your description then it is always the second configured POP account always fails in the device right and that they always work in WebMail? Just want to re-confirm. I sent you a Private Message as well with some more info.

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